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Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a good week. Lot’s done here, with a busy week and lots finished. I also found time for a story based on more Storymatic prompts, and am having fun with that. Already, it’s at 3,000 words and is based on a meteor striking Earth, and the MC is a shoplifter. I’m not sure how long it will end up. I’ve called it ‘Impact’ and here’s a teaser:

‘I’d say it was a pleasure meeting you, but …’

Jake guffawed. He laughed so hard and long that his mirth soon turned to tears and sobs—the whole thing bordering on the edge of hysteria. Gill fell down the same rabbit hole. It took a while for them to regain any semblance of equilibrium.

From the darkness, Gill said, ‘You don’t look like a street bum.’

My birthday is on Monday, and this weekend will see the celebrations … so, I might not be around an awful lot, lols. Inspired by a TV series, I have added Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to my e-reader, and when I came across this quote from her, it resonated strongly, so with that happy conjunction, it seemed perfect for today’s post. Have a good weekend everybody 🙂 Check out the writing links below for some good resources …


Problems Naming Things by C. S. Boyack

See the Forest and the Trees by P. H. Solomon … all about manuscript critiquing / feedback and editing

Friday Book Share by Staci Troilo … The Bone Curse



5 Conflict Making Choices Writers Can Make by Fae Rowen from Writers in the Storm (part 2 of the post I linked to on last Friday’s week in review)

7 Tips to Ruling a City of Monsters by Charles Yallowitz on Legends of Windemere

What to Write About when the Dreaded Deadline is Looming from Just Publishing Advice

Picture This! It’s a Blogger’s Life! by Carrie Peters from Romance University … some useful links for free graphics here

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates from Just Publishing Advice … all about Google Keywords and SEO

A Simple Method to Market Your Book by Penny C. Sansevieri from Writers in the Storm

How Do You Lead Readers to Your Theme? by Sacha Black from Writers Helping Writers

3 Reasons to Embrace the Prickly Synopsis by Orly Konig from Writers in the Storm

The Importance of Revision by Wendy Davies from Romance University

Microsoft Word Alternative by Derek Haines from Just Publishing Advice


12 Comments on “My Week in Review and Writing Links

  1. Happy early Birthday, Harmony! I love the teaser! I’m curious. Thanks for sharing the links.

    • Thanks, Jan. So glad you like the teaser! This could become another longer story by the looks of it. I had an end in mind, and the characters seem to have hijacked it …one of them literally popped out of a hole in the ground ?

  2. Great excerpt from your latest story. You’re really hitting it out of the park with those prompts.

    Love the quote you chose. And thanks for the links (and for including my SE post).

    Happy Early Birthday! Enjoy the weekend.

    • Thanks, Staci! Yep, I need to print out that quote and keep it in full view of where I write, lols. Have a wonderful weekend ?

  3. Wishing you a happy early birthday!
    I love the sound of your new story. Right up my reading alley 🙂
    I’ve been reworking a lot of shorts I wrote 20-odd years ago. It’s been an interesting experiment.

    • Ooh that does sound interesting … I bet it’s like reading someone else’s stuff! Thanks, Mae ?

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