My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve all had a good week, and that those of you in America had a good July 4th. It has continued hot and humid here with only the smallest bit of rain. Moors, fields, and hedges all keep ending up ablaze this year. My back pain has lessened but remains an issue. Still waiting on various referrals to bear fruit. I’ve been busy with work this week but still managed to get some good writing in 🙂 I now have four short stories using the Storymatic prompts …

  1. The Missing Link at 1500 words (which I’ve posted on the blog HERE). 
  2. Atonement at 2500 words.
  3. The Legacy at 7500 words.
  4. War and Peace (sorry Tolstoy!) at just under 3000 words

The prompts for W&P were:

  1. Survivor
  2. Vet
  3. Memory of a kiss
  4. Family member reincarnated as a parrot (!!! … I was, like, what the bloody hell am I supposed to do with this one??!! lols … anyway, I did come up with something).


I will post War and Peace here on the blog on Tuesday next week and would love to know what you think. Well, that’s it from me this week. Now on to the writing links and resources …


Basic Plots: Quest by Staci Troilo … part 5 of the 7 basic plots post series

Five for Friday by Joan Hall 



Top Ten Success Tips by Cheryl Strayed from Writers in the Storm

Occupation Thesaurus: Ethical Hacker from Writers Helping Writers … a great resource on different occupations for your characters

Seven most useful legal tips for writers by Lucy Taylor from Nicholas C Rossis

How to Spy on Keywords from Just Publishing Advice

Top Ten Things not to do if you fall behind … from John Howell … a bit of fun for a Friday! 🙂

Top Kindle Book Promotion Sites from TCK Publishing (Thanks to P.H. Solomon for putting me onto this one!)

The Key Features of Great Blog Writing from Just Publishing

How to Level Up your Character’s Wound by Tamar Sloan from Writers Helping Writers

5 Conflict Making Choices Characters can make by Fae Rowen from Writers in the Storm … and the final part of this posts sometime today

Author Inspiration and Writing Links from Staci Troilo

Hazy Days, Fireworks, and Week in Review from Joan Hall


Story Empire (Co-authored)

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @harmony_kent

LinkedIn: Harmony

Goodreads: Author Page


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Staci Troilo

So sorry your back problem is lingering. I hope you’re 100% soon.

Loved the parrot prompt. I can’t wait to see how that one goes. You’re pulling together quite a collection of stories!

Great lists. Thanks for including my basic plot post. 🙂

Mae Clar

OMG, the parrot plot thread made me LOL. I can’t wait to see what you do with that one. Here’s hoping your back pain is better and I’m so thrilled the Storymatic is doing so much foe your creativity!

Jan Sikes

I hope you get some relief from the back pain, Harmony. I totally know what you are going through as I suffer from constant back pain. It can take its toll on you. Hang in there! Can’t wait to see the post next week using the word prompts.

john howell

Thank you so much for the Top Ten mention, Harmony. Hope you have a great week.