My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a good week. Here in the UK, we had a bank holiday on Monday, and fiancé and I went to Mount Edgecumbe House and Country Park. What a lovely day, and my scooter made it all so much easier and more enjoyable. Here’s a pic …

Sadly, on Monday evening, I started with a cold, which has plagued me all week. Viruses seem to love attacking the damaged nerves in my residual limb. No worries … I haven’t included a pic of that! lol.

Many of us knew it was coming, and KDP has now announced that Createspace is to be no more. I have been dreading this and really don’t want to have to get into transferring all ten of my books. The move means that prices will have to go up on some of my print books as KDP charges more to print than Createspace, even though, in their own words, they use all the same equipment. Furthermore, instead of getting my royalty payments 30 days after the end of the sales month, I now have to wait until 60 days after the sales month, much like with my ebooks on KDP. I just hope their platform proves easy enough to use, as previously, I’ve known authors have problems with book cover uploads there. I guess I’ll find out when I release my next book. I don’t know about you all, but what with GDPR and having to change to HTTPS and now this with Createspace/KDP, I feel like I’ve had more than enough for a while.

As I’m on a short-story writing jag at the moment, I thought today’s quote was perfect.

Well, that’s it from me today. Have a great weekend, everyone, and here are this week’s links:



Out of Order by Joan Hall

Creative Grammar by little ole me

Questing Beasts … Friday Group Post




Malware and Viruses: The Price You Pay for Free PDF Books? From Just Publishing Advice … Having to work so hard to get illegal copies of my books taken down, this post is important to me

How Can Creative Writers Use AI to their Advantage? by Elaine Bennett from Nicholas C Rossis

Occupation Thesaurus: Locksmith from Writers Helping Writers … Loving this series

Affect Vs Effect and why The Effects Affect Your Writing from Just Publishing Advice

Hacking: It isn’t Just for Thrillers Anymore by Piper Bayard from Writers in the Storm

If You Have a Chronic Illness by Maggie Blackbird from Romance University

Publishing Companies to Avoid and Nasty New Author Scams from Just Publishing Advice

Distribution: Should You Go Wide or Narrow? by Becca Puglisi from Writers Helping Writers

5 Best Free WordPress Plugins to Help Boost Blog Traffic from Just Publishing Advice

Ask An Editor: Positioning Your Book by Theresa Stevens from Romance University

The Slow Method of Proofreading the Right Way from Just Publishing Advice


Story Empire (Co-authored)

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @harmony_kent

LinkedIn: Harmony

Goodreads: Author Page

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Jan Sikes

I’ve gotten emails from CreateSpace telling me I have to do something or my books will no longer be listed. I’ve yet to go into the site and try and figure it out, but plan to over the weekend. I hate changes like that. So glad your scooter is working out well and congrats on the short stories!

CS Boyack

Have fun with the short stories. They’re one of my favorites to write.

Joan Hall

I love the quote! Got to remember that one!

Got the news about Create Space and spoke with my publisher. She already moved by print books over and there didn’t seem to be a problem. But I hate change. Guess I’m set in my ways.

Staci Troilo

Love the quote, Harmony. Love even more that your scooter helped you have what looks and sounds like a lovely trip.

Hate everything else. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. And I HATE all these changes.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. We have our three-day weekend this week. You should consider celebrating with us so you have more time to rest.

D.L. Finn

I also dread having to publish my new book at KDP instead of Create Space. I noticed the cover upload isnt going to be as simple. I’m hoping it isn’t as bad as Ingram Sparks. I tried moving one book over to see how it went…so far so good. I haven’t looked into any costs changes yet. Hope you are feeling better:)

John Howell

Gwen and I published The Contract on KDP print and we had no problems. I keep reading there is going to be some kind to group transfer ability where you can do all your books at once. We have to wait until confirmed and instructions. Have a Happy Weekend and I hope your cold is short.