My Struggles with #Coronavirus2019 …

Hi everyone, today’s post is a bit of a heavy one. First up, I’m not sick with the dreaded Covid19, but for certain, the panic and oversensitivity is having a HUGE affect on my life.

Hubby and I cannot get any groceries because of the idiotic panic buying. All we want is one pack of toilet roll, a bit of pasta (one of our staple meals), and that sort of thing, and the shelves are empty. We can’t even get lactofree milk right now.

And now Amazon has banned ads for my book FALLOUT … the ad has been approved and active since September 2019, and now–all of a sudden–it’s too controversial. 

To say I’m fed up has got to be the understatement of the decade.

Everything seemed fine until I got this message from Amazon on Saturday …


The big joke? … I haven’t even submitted this ad since last year when it went live!

The next screenshot shows the advert that has been approved for the last six months, and you can see a charge on there that shows Amazon has been placing the ad, but … wait … as of March 7th, it is now banned.

Immediately, I raised a query with Amazon’s help department, and I got this message within a matter of hours …

I waited until Monday 9th and then asked again if somebody could, please, clarify the issue for me … as of now, I have heard nothing at all from them. Amazon seems to be ignoring me. So, all I can conclude is that they have banned the ad because it dares to meniont the V word … VIRUS!!!

Sorry, but this strikes me as nuts. This sort of panic and overreaction is far more dangerous than the actual disease.

Whatever the sudden turn around on Amazon’s side, I believe that they need to let adults be adults and make their own choices. Honestly, the world these days feels more censored than it was in Victorian times, and freedom of speech no longer exists for the vast majority.

The irony, of course, is that FALLOUT is about nanotechnology and a virus based on that. The book is set way in the future in a planet in outer space. So, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the current Covid19 outbreak. Furthermore, the flu kills many more people every year, but my ad and book were somehow acceptable back in September?

I’m throwing up my hands here … what, if anything, can we authors actually write about anymore?

Okay, rant over. But if any of my books suddenly disappear from sale, I wanted you all to know to why.

Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂


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22 Comments on “My Struggles with #Coronavirus2019 …

  1. Well, I’m only a few days behind in visiting. Chalk it up to the time change, Corona Virus or something else, but it’s been a week!

    The madness of hoarding is ridiculous. Yesterday our governor announced there was no need for hoarding, but store shelves are being emptied daily. I’ve yet to see the significance of toilet paper!

    And hang in there. Everyone is being oversensitive these days and Amazon is trying to be “politically correct.” (I hate that term!)

    • That term is also one of my pet-hates … we are too PC these days! Thans, Joan 🙂

  2. Most blogs are just getting a like and tweet from me today, but I wanted to say something here. Hold your chin up. Things will improve eventually, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I’m keeping quiet about one of my own titles.

    • LOL … yell out loud … VIRAL BLUES!!! Thanks, Craig, for taking the time out of your massively busy day to comment and support 🙂

  3. The populations of the UK and US seem to have gone bananas. Our population might if they could afford it. Most of our people can’t afford to stockpile or buy hand sanitiser. They live on mielie meal, milk, sugar and cheap cuts of meat. WRT Amazon, I find it strange they are worried about your book. What about The Stand by Stephen King? Amazon takes 11 to 12 weeks to upload my books because I have an independent publisher. They have some different and protective policies like all corporates.

    • Absolutely.

      Hubby and I were just saying the other day, … how many people have maxed out credit cards they’ll never be able to repay so they can panic stockpile? And how much will get thrown away when the perceived threat is over?

      Thanks, Robbie 😊

  4. The world has gone so PC that free speech no longer exists. I pander to it very slightly by including a black person – I believe that is the current term they like – in my books and that’s it. I refuse to include what I regard as sexual deviants and I won’t include books about them in my newsletter. Why should I? Rant on writing over.

    Next, Coronaviras. Bad news sells newspapers and, presumably, winding people up makes sure they watch the news. The bottom line is money. Always has been and always will be. I spent 2 hours this morning in hospital – a follow-up check after my cancer operation. There were the usual hand samitise sprays around, but no more than usual. The only nurse who put on rubber gloves would have anyway; she was taking a sample of blood.

    Amazon have clearly reacted to the word “virus”, which I agree, Harmony, is total nonsense.

    BTW, Marcia, the phrase “common sense” is incorrect. There is nothing common about sense. We, of course, have it, but where are the others? Not in positions of power for sure!

    Oops, Harmony! You sure touched a nerve with this post, but I am wondering about John’s thinking on tinned pumpkin re his dogs’ digestive health. Anything that would help my dog… assuming I could get any.

    • Right … I never knew that about pumpkin!

      This whole business is all the more worrying for being so nonsensical. Thanks, Sarah 😊

  5. That is crazy, Harmony. There are so many books that have a virus theme are they cenoring them all? Trying to get an answer from Anazon is next to impossible.
    I’ve been trying to figure out how an illness that causes coughing has brought on a run on toliet paper and water. I understand disinfecting wipes, but it worries people are now just washing their hands. Things are certainly crazy and it triggers a writers imagination as to what might really be going on. Right now I’m more worried about peoples people’s reactions over the virus. I hope you get your noodles and toliet paper soon, Harmony and cooler heads prevail across the world.

    • I don’t believe I’ll ever get an answer from Amazon. Thanks, Denise 😊

  6. Really a shame about Amazon getting tough with you yet allowing others to sell hand sanitizer at an unholy mark-up. I do not understand the hoarding behavior of people. Yesterday the store was out of tinned pumpkin. We give it to our dogs as a digestive. OUT OF TINNED PUMPKIN????? I can’t imagine. I hope everyone comes to their senses soon.

  7. Totally sucks, Harmony. After the panic of people cleaning out every product in the grocery stores, having Amazon ban your ad (the same one they had approved before Corvid-19) is like pulling out the last straw. What a stupid world we live in!
    You have every right to rant. I only hope and prayer it gets better. As for Amazon coming to their senses, I’m not sure that’s likely to happen. 🙁

    • Sadly, I have to agree. Things are only likely to get worse. Thanks, Mae 😊

  8. What can I tell you, Harmony? When the big guns come after little us, we make way for them to pass. The world is so big it can take all of us big and small. Be patient,, this will blow over!

  9. Harmony, you have my deepest sympathies. To say ALL of the above is absurd is understating the situation, but if I say what I really think, I’m afraid we’ll all get banned. Cooler heads need to prevail, and soon! One day, we’ll look back on this and wonder what in the world happened to common sense, a commodity that seems to be in shorter and shorter supply every day.

    Here’s hoping your issues get sorted out sooner rather than later. Sending you positive thoughts and energies as this plays itself out.

    • I’m right with you on saying how I really feel, lol. The post would be full of ****s! Thanks for your support, Marcia 🙂