Murder They Wrote: 7 Authors – 7 Genres @MaeClair1 #anthology

Hi everyone. Today, it gives me great pleasure to host fellow author and friend, Mae Clair, so that she can tell us all about a fab new anthology she’s in, along with 6 other awesome authors. Help yourself to drinks and snacks and make yourself comfortable >>>

Thanks for hosting me today, Harmony. I’m excited to be here sharing news of an anthology in which I have a short story. Murder They Wrote brings together seven authors writing in various sub genres of whodunits.


You can see the variety by the blurb:

Murder comes in 7 different genres. By 7 different authors.

Are you a fan of courtroom drama? In the anthology’s first story, Abraham Lincoln defends a friend’s son against a charge of murder. 

For lovers of speculative fiction, Jason Fogg dissolves into mist to sneak through open windows and snoop for clues. 

How about a cozy? Jazzi, Jerod, and Ansel discover a dead body while renovating a kitchen, dining room, and half bath. 

Have a craving for a Regency? Lord Peregrine and his wife, Elizabeth, use their sharp minds and quick wit to solve a murder at a garden party. 

Need a bit of literary fiction? A young, lonely widow must deal with the theft of a valuable butterfly collection. 

And what about a little psychological horror? Twin sisters discover that their attic is haunted by not one, but two ghosts. 

Last, but never least, the anthology concludes with a historical mystery. A young, newly married knight is accused of murdering his obnoxious host at a holiday gathering in his castle.


My contribution, A Winter Reckoning, is the last one in this anthology, and as the title suggests, is set during the cold, snowy season. I don’t often set stories during winter, much preferring autumn, spring, and summer, but there is something claustrophobic about being snowbound which works well with murder mysteries.


I used “somewhere in Medieval England” as the intro to the story which takes place at a holiday gathering, hosted by Lord Norwin Hargreen. There’s nothing like murder to upset a festive gala—especially when said gala is rife with tension and undercurrents.

When Hargreen turns up dead, the list of suspects with motives is a long one. Unfortunately for my protagonist, Richard Essex, he’s caught holding the knife, standing over Hargreen’s body. His only chance of clearing his name is to unmask the real killer, a task that has him seeking help from an unlikely source—the father-in-law who despises him.

A Winter Reckoning is just one of seven tales in which there are clues to be found, red herrings to avoid, and villains to unmask. And because each short story is a complete mystery, you can engage your detective skills a little at a time, or all at once as your mood dictates.


I hope you’ll join in the sleuthing!



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Love Mae’s writing. Looking forward to this one!

Mae Clair

Thank you so much, Flossie. That’s wonderful to hear!

Sue Coletta

Sounds amazing! Looking forward to reading it. 😀

Mae Clair

Awesome! Thank you, Sue. I hope you enjoy the stories!

Judi Lynn

Mae’s story was perfect to end the anthology with because it was so GOOD. Besides, I’m a sucker for medieval settings. And it was interesting to have a protagonist who flew off the handle so fast–that made him a perfect suspect in a murder:)

Mae Clair

Aww, thanks, Judi. Your comment has me blushing.
Richard was a fun character to write, and I loved playing in a medieval world. I’m so delighted to have A Winter Reckoning included in your wonderful collection of tales!

Jan Sikes

How wonderful to see this new anthology spotlighted here today, Harmony! I have it waiting patiently on my Kindle! 🙂 Congrats to Mae, Craig and all the authors!

Mae Clair

Thank you for the congrats, Jan. And so happy to hear A Winter Reckoning resides on your Kindle. I wish you happy reading!

Jacquie Biggar

I love anthologies. They let me read stories from favorite authors, and introduce me to new favorites!

Mae Clair

Same here, Jacquie. I enjoy anthology and have glommed onto more than one new-to-me that author that way 🙂

Teri Polen

My book club assignment for next month is to read a collection of short stories. Nice to know I don’t have to go searching – I already have something!

Mae Clair

Oooh, how nice to hear, Teri. And it sounds like a fun assignment 🙂

There is a lot of variety in Murder They Wrote, so I hope you enjoy the tales. Happy reading!

Diana Peach

Thanks for the reminder, Mae, that I need to get reading this. Seven authors/seven genres… what a fun foray into murder. Thanks for hosting, Harmony. Happy Tuesday to you both. 😀

Mae Clair

Happy Tuesday, Diana! I’m glad you dropped by to check out the post, and I’m excited that Murder They Wrote is on your TBR.There’s been a plethora of new releases lately so I know how hard it is keeping up, LOL!

Mae Clair

Harmony, many thanks for hosting me today. It’s great to be here sharing my story and Murder They Wrote with your readers. And I love all the virtual drinks and snacks you’ve set out. Yum! You outdid yourself! 😀

Catherine Lynn

I just popped over and bought this. If Mae Clair writes something, I’m going to read it! I recognize and have read some of the other authors in this anthology, too, so I know this is going to be a great read!

Mae Clair

So wonderful to see you here, my friend. I hope you have been doing well. I can’t thank you enough for your support. I loved writing something a little different with this anthology. I hope you enjoy my tale and all of the stories.

Thanks again, and I wish you happy reading!

Yvette M Calleiro

This looks like a great anthology! Thanks for sharing it with your readers. 🙂

Mae Clair

Thanks for checking out the post, Yvette!

Gwendolyn Plano

Thank you for hosting, Harmony. I’m so looking forward to reading this anthology. It rests on my kindle eagerly awaiting my read. Congratulations to all the contributers, and a special shout-out to Mae for her contribution today! 🙂

Mae Clair

Thank you, Gwen! I appreciate the shout-out and am delighted to know Murder They Wrote is on your Kindle and TBR. There’s a lot of variety with the anthology which makes it fun. I hope you enjoy the tales!

Marcia Meara

Really enjoyed the variety of tales in this anthology. Truly something for everyone, and of course, Mae Clair’s tale of murder amidst medieval knights, lords, and ladies was a great finale to the collection. (Hoping to get my review published later today, Mae, if at all possible.) I definitely recommend this one. 🙂

Mae Clair

Oooh, I’m so glad you enjoyed my story and the whole anthology, Marcia. I really had fun delving into a medieval setting and manipulating all of those suspects. Many thanks, and I look forward to your review!

Joan Hall

Anthologies are a great way to meet new writers. Of course, Mae aced it with her story. Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

Mae Clair

Thanks so much, Joan. A few of the writers in the anthology were new to me, too, and it was great getting to learn their voices through their stories. I’m so glad you enjoyed A Winter Reckoning and the anthology!

Staci Troilo

This was such a fun anthology. Okay, fun isn’t the right word, seeing as we’re talking about murder, but it was truly enjoyable to see seven different authors with completely different takes on the same theme. And Mae, of course, crafted an exceptional story. Best wishes to all involved.

Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

Mae Clair

It does feel weird to mention the word “fun” in the same context as “murder” and yet I keep using it when referencing the anthology and even my tale. I think it’s because as authors it’s always thrilling to play puppet master and move our characters around, LOL.
I’m so glad you enjoyed the anthology and A Winter Reckoning, Staci. Many thanks for sharing here!

Miriam Hurdle

Great to see you hear talking about Murder They Wrote, Mae. All the stories sound exciting. Thank you for hosting, Harmony!

Mae Clair

Thanks for visiting to cheer me on, Miriam. I really enjoyed participating in this collection of stories!

CS Boyack

Wonderful to see Mae here and promoting the anthology.

Mae Clair

Thanks, Craig. Hoping we all benefit from the exposure by keeping the anthology in the limelight 🙂

Priscilla Bettis

I’ve read this anthology. It’s a worthwhile read for mystery enthusiasts but for other readers, too, because of all the different genres.

Mae Clair

Thanks, Priscilla. I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories. It was fun participating in a collection that brought together so many different styles and even time periods. I’m delighted to have you recommend the anthology!

John Howell

Congratulations, Mae. I’m sure this story is a good one. Thanks, Harmony for hosting Mae today.

Mae Clair

Thanks, John. I enjoyed writing a short story for a change, and I always like playing around in the mystery arena 🙂