Harmony is Vocal! #Divorce And Plagiarism is Not Okay! In @Vocal_Creators #Tautogram #challenge #poetry

Divorce, and Plagiarism is Not Okay!

Hi everyone. I’ve written two Tautogram poems for Vocal’s Tautogram challenge.

You can find my entries below. Vocal estimates both as 1-minute reads. Pop on over for some quick fun!

The plagiarism poem was inspired after reading a recent entry in the Tautogram poetry competition. The words are mine, simply less of them and paraphrased, or so it seems to me. It feels like a punch to the gut, and I question whether it’s worth it to keep on creating when crap like this happens.

1. Divorce — Anger through Acceptance



2. Plagiarism is Not Okay! —Paraphrasing is Still Stealing


I’d love to know what you think! And I would be delighted if you could read and heart. To heart and/or comment, you’ll need to sign in to Vocal, which is free to do.

Thanks for all your support! Hugs 🤗💕🙂 

20 Comments on “Harmony is Vocal! #Divorce And Plagiarism is Not Okay! In @Vocal_Creators #Tautogram #challenge #poetry

  1. Okay, I love that type of speaking out poetry. I loved the words, and applaud you for carrying through the poem using the same letter for all statements – challenging! And so, once again Vocal allowed me to ‘heart’ your poems, but yet, not letting me comment there. <3 xx

  2. Excellent poems, Harmony. You captured the tumult and emotion of divorce well. And I’m so sorry about the plagiarism. That really is a disappointment. I hope Vocal does something to address it. Hugs.

    • Fantastic! Thanks so much, Priscilla. It was certainly an exercise! 💕🙂

    • I reported the story, and now that creator has disappeared. No feedback from Vocal, so I can only assume. Thanks, Jacquie 💕🙂

  3. 👏🏼👏🏼 Harmony, I am in awe of your word choices. I love both the Tautograms…on point and clever. ❤️🙂