Don’t Water the Marigolds!

Blank white book w/pathDon’t Water the Marigolds is here!

James Sinclair’s awesome second book, and his debut novel!

Childless widow Deirdre is living a quiet and uncomplicated life. That is, until she makes the fateful decision to take in lodgers. Flighty Sharon and her young son Kevin, soon turn her careful order into chaos.

This is a story about a quintessentially British little-old-lady, and a neglected boy. Deirdre is a woman who avoids confrontation and conflict at all costs. Kevin is a boy whom trouble finds all too easily. Thrust together by circumstances, they both have to adjust and find a way forward.

This is an amusing, at times wrenching, and heart-warming tale of two unlikely companions, who have to find a way to unite in order to face what life throws at them.

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James-SinclairAbout James:

I was born in Darjeeling, India in 1939 in the last decade of the British Raj. I attended Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling, where the celebrated playwright, Sir Tom Stoppard also once studied. I worked in Calcutta before migrating to England in 1969 where I worked in the PYE group of Industries in Cambridge, then joined the Civil Service and worked in Chessington, Surrey. I had to retire early due to heart problems but I found that retirement gave me more time to pursue my many hobbies, one of which was astronomy and the other writing, so I decided to put these two together and write my first book, “Over Our Heads”. I’ve always had a passion for writing ever since I was a child, and won several prizes in writing competitions during my childhood and youth.  My second book, “Don’t Water the Marigolds” is my first attempt at writing a novel, and I am grateful to Harmony Kent for all the help, encouragement and support she has given me in completing this project.

I live out my retirement in my South London maisonette busily and contentedly with my two cats.