#BookReview- Two nail-biting #mysteries by @Harmony_Kent and Tamara Ferguson @TammysDragonfly

Hi everyone. I’m thrilled to wake up to another fab review for The Vanished Boy. This one is over at Jacquie’s place. As you’ve no doubt guessed … I’m doing my happy dance 🙂 There’s also a great review for Tamara Ferguson’s mystery/suspense romance read as well >>>


Slow burn suspense reads that are sure to keep you turning the pages!

Source: #BookReview- Two nail-biting #mysteries by @Harmony_Kent and Tamara Ferguson @TammysDragonfly

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Marcia Meara

Way to go, Harmony! Checking it out shortly, and already have the book awaiting me on my Kindle! 🤗❤

Mae Clair

Congratulations, Harmony. Another awesome review!