#BookReview: The Scout

by D L Cross (a.k.a. Staci Troilo)

Book Blurb:

The aliens have landed. The humans are panicking. The scouts have been sent.

J’s mission is clear — find an alien outpost, observe, report back. Simple enough. It’s what he’s trained to do. But he’s always worked with his team, never as a party of one. Now he’s been sent out alone to blindly navigate a dense, dark forest until he finds his target. The dynamics are foreign to him, the stakes never higher. Resources are scarce. Comms are down. 

And he’s found the enemy. 

J is shocked when everyone’s true allegiances are revealed. And the consequences of betrayal will be deadly. 

A short story set in the bestselling Invasion Universe, “The Scout” by D.L. Cross will have you hungering for more. Pick up your copy today!

My Review:

Having just finished The Gate (Astral Series book one), written by DL Cross, I bought this book yesterday as soon as I saw the author’s announcement that it was on sale. Being just 32 pages, it proved a quick and enjoyable read and just what I needed while feeling under the weather. The Scout ties in nicely with the rest of the Invasion Universe from Sterling and Stone while also working as a standalone short story. 

I saw who the alien invaders were early on, but this just added to the anticipation and enjoyment of the read.

I cannot recommend the author highly enough and am eagerly awaiting her next book in the Astral Conspiracy series. This little gem gets a solid 5 stars from me.


NOTE ON RATINGS: I consider a 3-star rating a positive review. Picky about which books I give 5 stars to, I reserve this highest rating for the stories I find stunning and which moved me.

4 STARS: I WOULD PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER — Go read this book.
3 STARS: IT WAS GOOD! — An okay read. Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. 
2 STARS: I MAY HAVE LIKED A FEW THINGS —Lacking in some areas: writing, characterisation, and/or problematic plot lines. 
1 STAR: NOT MY CUP OF TEA —Lots of issues with this book.

Amazon Purchase Links:

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07VKD39RT/

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VKD39RT/

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suzanne burke

Whoo-hoo! Loving the sound of this one, sounds like a great way to take a break on this icy cold Australian winter’s morning! Congrats, Staci

Staci Troilo

Thanks. I hope you enjoy it, Soooz. Try to stay warm Down Under!

Staci Troilo

It is hard to remember people are suffering through winter weather when we’re sweltering, isn’t it?

Jan Sikes

Thank you for sharing, Harmony! Great review!

Staci Troilo

Thanks, Jan.

I”m now adding filler text because the site won’t accept a comment that short. Sorry!

CS Boyack

I love shorter fiction, and need to pick this up for my next vacation days.

Staci Troilo

If you do, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Craig.

Mae Clair

Great review, Harmony. I enjoyed this short story immensely. I’m thoroughly enjoying Staci’s alien books!

Staci Troilo

Thanks so much, Mae.

Staci Troilo

Harmony, thank you. I love the review and really appreciate the support.

Joan Hall

Started to read this last night, but life kept interrupting. I loved The Gate and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one also.

Staci Troilo

Life does have a way of doing that. I hope you enjoy it when you get around to it, Joan.

D.L. Finn

I can’t wait to read it!

Staci Troilo

Thanks, Denise.