#BadMoonRising is here! Day 19: A Peril in the Bayou (A Medium’s Peril 2) by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene #paranormal #supernatural @TPolen6 @teagangeneviene

Hi everyone! It’s October, which means it’s a whole month of Bad Moon Rising! You can find this paranormal fun-filled fest over at Teri Polen’s place … HERE

As yesterday was my writing day, here is day 19. I now have just under 6000 words on book 1 of the Harmony House of Horrors series, and 2500 on book 2 … yep, there’s a story (pardon the pun!) there 😉

Day 20 will arrive soon!

I’ve closed comments so you only have to reply at Teri’s 🙂


Enjoy! 💕🙂

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