And the Winner is …

Nicholas Rossis!

An ebook will be winging its way to you very SOON! 🙂

Congratulations on being the only person to guess correctly. The answer was, “Quill Pen One”.

The closest incorrect guesses came from Michelle Abbott, Monica (Queen of Spades), Lisa Mauro, Kathy Golden, and Bette A Stevens — who all guessed “Quill Pen Two” … so close!

Roderick Davidson guessed the “Writing Desk”, and Rhani D’Chae went with the “Wishing Well.”.


A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and leave comments. And a loud clapping of hands for Nicholas Rossis. If you’d like to find out more about Nicholas and his excellent books, you can find him here.


Here is the actual cover: 


Blank white book w/path


About the Book:

Polish Your Prose is a powerful new guide that gives essential editing tips for authors. Lots of books have been written on the art of writing, and here—at last—is a guide that will teach you the essential techniques of editing your own book. This will help you turn a promising manuscript into a published novel. And, it does this without the jargon. You don’t need to know all the grammatical terms in order to make use of this book. You don’t need to know the definition of a split infinitive, a comma splice, or a ‘to be’ verb, as this manual explains these in detail in easy to understand terms, and a lively and engaging style.

Chapters on Passive Writing, Tense, Point of View, Dialogue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an editor would go through to polish and perfect your manuscript. Good writing is nothing without good editing. Learn the secrets of good editing and writing with this essential author reference, which offers so much more for so much less.

Harmony Kent is an award winning author, and accomplished editor and proofreader. Her passion is helping Indie Authors to successfully achieve their goals and dreams.

Available for Pre-Order NOW at a specially discounted pre-order price! Don’t miss out–reserve your copy today!


Pre-Order Purchase Links …


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Michelle Abbott

Congrats, Nicholas. I’ll be pre-ordering as soon as the links are available, Harmony.

Rhani D'Chae

I’m going with the Wishing well. 🙂

Bette A Stevens

Quill Pen 1 (cover)


Sharing this post on Twitter. 🙂

Nicholas Rossis

I’ll go with Quill Pen 2, as it’s in a panoramic format, thus best suiting a book. Congrats on the new release, very exciting! 🙂

Roderick Davidson

My guess for the cover is the image titled Writing Desk.

Kathy Golden

I choose Quill Pen 1. Also, Harmony, be sure to let me know when your book is available. I’m writing a book to help authors with editing, and I’m looking for good sources to include. I review all books first that I recommend.


Going with Quill Pen 1

Lisa Mauro

I’m guessing Quill Pen 1. This is difficult!!!!

Michelle Abbott

I’m going to guess at Quill Pen 1 🙂 Polish Your Prose sounds good. I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.