This makes my 7th day of writing, and I have managed another 2,500 words, bringing the total to 25,401.

Feedback on the book cover that I revealed yesterday has been awesome. Thanks so much everyone for all your support and encouragement!

Okay, so with both the title and the cover now out of the bag, I bring you another ‘sneek peek’ …

In the darkened hospital room, John held her hand. When he saw her awake, he smiled. ‘How do you feel?’

Emma mumbled, ‘Head hurts.’

He squeezed her hand. ‘I’m not surprised. You had a concussion. They think you hit your head on the desk or something.’

‘What about him?’

John scowled. ‘Arrested. Charged. Released on bail.’

Distressed, her voice came out high and rushed, ‘They let him go?’

‘With all his money, he can afford a good solicitor. Anyway, he won’t be stupid enough to come near you again.’

‘You reckon?’

‘Yeah. It’ll make front-page news tomorrow—you mark my words. He’d be stupid to push it.’

Emma groaned.

John leaned over her. ‘What? What is it? Are you gonna throw up again?’

‘I know what he’ll say. I’m a slut. I led him on. You know the drill, John. All he has to do is slander me. Drag up my past. Like you say, with his money … a solicitor and a private investigator.’

John released her hand and stood.

Bewildered, Emma looked up at him.

‘I’m off to speak to the others,’ he said.

‘The other women?’

John nodded. ‘Yeah. If we can prove you weren’t his only victim …’



The resultant book will be Erotic Romance.

She’s a hopeful actress.

He’s a mentor.

Then there’s the big man who can make or break a career, and the demands he makes.

Watch this space! 🙂 

Twitter: @harmony_kent 

Harmony Kent Author Page: Amazon


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Staci Troilo

Keep crushing it, Harmony!

Harmony Kent

Doing my best! Thanks, Staci 🙂


Great teaser, Harmony! You are ‘rocking’ this one, Bravo, my friend!

C.S. Boyack

Impressed at how fast this is going. It will take me months to equal your word count on this one.