My third day of writing and another 2,500 words written. That’s 11,000 in total!

I missed yesterday due to being at the hospital for iron infusions. That left me with a nasty headache this morning, so I’ve had a slower day. I was determined to get something written, though 🙂

I also came up with a title and made mock ups of four possible covers … I’ll post those at some point … I know, I’m an awful tease! 🙂

Here’s another little snippet for you …

All of a sudden, Derek stilled. Emma became aware of fierce knocking on the door at her back. The knob rattled a couple of times, and the door opened a fraction before banging shut again under their combined weight. Emma tried to wriggle away but to no avail.

Then came John’s voice, ‘Emma? You in there? Is everything all right?’

Derek pressed a finger to her lips to shush her, but she wasn’t about to waste this chance. She twisted her head to one side and called back, ‘I got caught up. Give me a minute and I’ll come out.’

With a grunt of frustrated annoyance, Derek stepped back, glaring down at her. While she righted her clothes, Emma mumbled, ‘Sorry. Timing. He’s giving me a lift. Can’t keep him waiting.’

The walrus of a bloke gave her a steely stare and said, ‘Next time.’ Then he reached past her, yanked open the door, and stomped past a worried-looking John.

Emma managed a wobbly smile, ‘Thanks.’

He stepped forward and cupped her elbow. ‘Did he hurt you?’

She shook her head and gave a wry shrug, ‘Only my pride.’


The resultant book will be Erotic Romance.

She’s a hopeful actress.

He’s a mentor.

Then there’s the big man who can make or break a career, and the demands he makes.

Watch this space! 🙂 

Twitter: @harmony_kent 

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Staci Troilo

You’re having a great month, Harmony. Keep it up!

Hope you’re feeling better today.

Staci Troilo

Here’s to a weekend of recovery!

Mae Clair

Even with your headache you accomplished a lot!
I hope you’re feeling better.