My second day of writing and another 4,000 words completed! That’s 8,500 in total 🙂

Here’s another excerpt …


Emma had just put the lid back on the lippy when a knock sounded at the door, muffled by all the garments hung on the back of it. She froze.

‘Emma? It’s me. You okay in there?’

Before attempting a reply, she cleared her throat softly and readied herself. ‘Yes. Fine, thanks.’

Silence fell for a second or two. Just when she thought he’d gone, he called through, ‘Can I come in? You decent?’

Emma laughed like Jayne would and said, ‘When am I ever?’

John chuckled but persisted, ‘So, can I come in?’

Now she felt trapped. She couldn’t just give him the brush off. If she did that, she wouldn’t need any Dereks of the world to wreck her chances.

With one final check in the mirror, she rose and opened the door. ‘Sure,’ she said, ‘come on in.’

When he saw her, he did a double take. His eyes went wide and round, and his jaw formed an ‘O’ of shock. He rubbed at his chin before he took a step forward. ‘Emma?’

She couldn’t take his scrutiny, so she backed up and turned away, busying herself with tidying the makeup. The awkward silence stretched on. Emma looked at him via the mirror. He stood behind her, just in front of the open door, and watched her. Again, he  queried, ‘Emma?’

When she didn’t answer, he turned it into a command, ‘Emma.’

She stilled and stiffened, waiting.


The resultant book will be Erotic Romance.

She’s a hopeful actress.

He’s a mentor.

Then there’s the big man who can make or break a career, and the demands he makes.

Watch this space! 🙂 

Twitter: @harmony_kent 

Harmony Kent Author Page: Amazon


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Jan Sikes

Congrats, Harmony, on the daily word count! Wow!! This story will be one I will be waiting to read.

Joy Lo-Bamijoko

I can sense the tension, Harmony! I think you are up to something dramatic, here. Only, I don’t like Erotic! 🙁

Harmony Kent

Glad you can sense the tension, Joy. Definitely dramatic and erotic ?

Staci Troilo

Nice job, Harmony. Word counts like that, you’ll be done in no time.

Harmony Kent

Fingers crossed! Thanks, Staci ?

Harmony Kent

Thanks, Mae! It sure feels good to be writing again 🙂

Mae Clair

You are kicking butt with the word count!