Hello everyone!

Another productive day here despite this cold (virus and weather, lols). 

I started on an editing project today and completed 10% of that. 

Also, I designed a twitter banner for Backstage …


And, I’ve written another 2000 words! That brings my 12-day total to 37,644! 

What a nice way to lead into what I hope will be a relaxed weekend 🙂

Here’s another tantalising excerpt for you … READER WARNING: We have some bad language in this one, so if you might get offended, please don’t read on.


Distressed, she reached for Ian’s hand, which he relinquished without a word. ‘Does it make me selfish? If I press forward?’

He snorted. ‘Of course not. It would be more selfish to give him what he wants.’

Emma chewed her bottom lip.

Unexpectedly, the door from the hallway swung open on silent and well-oiled hinges. Slow in the aftermath of the day’s events, Emma moved her eyes to look at who had just entered. Inexplicably, John stood framed in the doorway, his happy smile fading from his face.

Emma released Ian’s hand and sat up, her jaw hanging open in dismay. ‘John!’

He shook his head and turned away. Over his shoulder, he said with some disgust, ‘Obviously, you weren’t as cut up about us as you let on.’ With that parting shot, he left and slammed the door behind him. She could hear the thump-thump-thump as he stomped off down the hallway, thickly carpeted thought it was.

Emma hung her head and burst into yet more tears—hadn’t the tap run dry yet?

‘Oh shit.’

Beside her, Ian rose to his feet. He appeared incredibly ill at ease. ‘I’m sure that didn’t look too good from his point of view.’

‘Oh shit.’

Belatedly, she recovered and shot to her feet. Then she ran for the door and after John. She needed to explain. And what the fuck was he doing out of the country with so much going on?

Sod it all to hell.



The resultant book will be Erotic Romance.

She’s a hopeful actress.

He’s a mentor.

Then there’s the big man who can make or break a career, and the demands he makes.

Watch this space! 🙂 

Twitter: @harmony_kent 

Harmony Kent Author Page: Amazon


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Jan Sikes

Love the twitter badge! Really intriguing. The excerpt is great too. I can tell you are really inside this story. Congrats on the awesome word count!!

Harmony Kent

Thanks so much, Jan! Your words keep me inspired ?

Staci Troilo

Hoping you feel better soon, Harmony. Keep rocking the word count.

Great header, by the way!