Update to An Apology

Hi everyone. Further to my going offline for a while the other week, I now have some blood tests, which may explain why I have no energy.

The fix isn’t going to be a quick or easy one. It seems my immune system is attacking me, and my body is full of inflammation and allergies of one sort or another, which is also affecting my breathing and my skin–and, of course, skin is our biggest organ, so it’s no fun at all.

My doctor has put me on a short course of broad-spectrum antibiotics to try and bring down the inflammation. He’s also put me on a week’s course of Lorazepam to try and help me sleep. So far, the sleeping drug is having mixed results, and the antibiotics are hitting my body hard.

I need to have more blood tests sometime around early December, so we’ll see what’s happening by then. I’ll keep you posted. Sadly, I’m having to conserve what energy I do have, so while I’m around, my appearances will be spotty and ad hoc, I’m afraid. I’m supporting you all in spirit and will continue to visit and do as much as I can. Again, huge thanks to you all for your ongoing support. Sending hugs all around.

As a side note, my blog remains open to you all. I’ll need plenty of notice and for you to ensure you visit the post often and respond to comments, but otherwise, I’d love to have any of you come and visit. Take care, all πŸ™‚


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Diana Peach

Well, that doesn’t sound like any fun at all, Harmony. Rest, relax, think happy thoughts, and follow the doctor’s orders. Take all the time you need, and I hope everything resolves soon. Sending you light and love. <3

Toni Pike

Sending you loving, healing thoughts, Harmony – I hope the treatments and medications give you some relief. Take good care of yourself. Toni x

Natalie Ducey

Oh my… sending (((hugs))) and healing blessings across the miles, Harmony. I hope you feeling better soon. xo

Jan Sikes

I’m so sorry, Harmony. Sending light and healing vibes your way!

Yvette M Calleiro

Sending you hugs and healing energy, Harmony! If you can find a kinesiologist in your area, try visiting with one. They are wonderful in helping boost the organs while they are compromised. They also have great ways of bringing you energy. Rest as much as you need to. Healing happens in baby steps. πŸ™‚

This is all too familiar to me, Harmony. My immune system is low due to the chemo. I had inflammation in 2018 and was hospitalized. Then it occurred again in November 2019, I started having inflammation spotted in some part of my body, and the spots merged to a point to cover the entire body from head to toes. I went to my family doctor, urgent care, and ER. No doctors seemed to know what to do with me and gave me something for allergy. The inflammation lasted for six weeks and the burning and itching were horrible. I finally… Read more »

Sarah Stuart

Chemotherapy side-effects do last. My reaction was so severe my course was stopped after one and half of eight sessions, but I still suffer with prickly feet.

Sleeping tablets can help, and Harmony needs them, but it is essential to NAG a GP. My husband’s researched his and discovered the INCREASED dose was working against him. He had to reduce it slowly over a month and then use a different one. That does work, but you’re right they are addictive, Hopefully, Harmony will get one that works and not need it for too long.

D.L. Finn

Sorry to hear you are dealing with this Harmony. Sending you lots of hugs and will keep you in my prayers. Xo

Jess Bakkers

Take care, Harmony. Be kind to yourself, and go with it. This is the body’s way of saying “hey now, slow down!”


Sending all my warm thoughts and prayers in your direction my friend. I know it’s a worrying time. Lack of being able to sleep soundly, just escalates the problem. I hope your Physicians can find something that works. Hugs from a distance, my friend. ❀

John Howell

Praying for you to feel better, Harmony. Thanks for letting us know.

Roberta Eaton Cheadle

I am so sorry to read this news, Harmony. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

Mae Clair

Harmony, what you’re going through sounds scary. I hope the doctors are able to get to the bottom of thing, so that you can put this behind you. Take care of yourself and stay safe. I’m keeping you in my prayers.


Hell Harmony,
i hope you are feeling a little bit better. No one encouraged you in the time of C-19 to invite all the other bad things to you. πŸ˜‰
Be blessed, and think positive! Best wishes, Michael

Joy Lo-Bamijoko

Hi, Harmony, what you are describing is very serious! You know that this pandemic is going around and mutating as time goes. Make sure you get that out of the way as they are trying to find out what is going on with you. I have you in my prayers. Be strong!

Judi Lynn

You sound absolutely miserable. Hope the antibiotics kick in and help you feel better. Good wishes sent to you.

CS Boyack

Hope you figure it out soon. I’ll cover my guest post so you don’t have to worry about it.

Joan Hall

I’m so sorry you’re going through this, Harmony. You take care of yourself. Prayers for a speedy recovery.


So sorry to hear you are unwell. Rest and get yourself better.

Darlene Foster

Please take care of yourself first. Lots of rest and TLC. Sending hugs. xo

Priscilla Bettis

Oh dear, this doesn’t sound fun at all. I hope your upcoming tests reveal the cause of all this so you and your doctors can work on an effective, speedy treatment.

Staci Troilo

Praying it all turns around soon for you, Harmony.

Sarah Stuart

Harmony, you take care of yourself!
I, for one, value your input on my posts, read yours with interest, and often pop over to Story Empire since you introduced me to the fascinating topics addressed there, but you come first – you must, or how can you recover?
Rest, rest, rest, and try not to worry… easier said than done!
One tip. There are literally dozens of types of sleeping medication available, so use a little energy to nag your GP mercilessly until he/she finds the right one.
Hugs x a billion. Love, Sarah.

Sarah Stuart

Trial and error is right. My husband suffers from insomnia, but he has found persisting worthwhile.
I nag mercilessly for my appointments.:-) I have one with my consultant on November 9th, which nobody considered “urgent”, except me. I have a polyp that “probably” isn’t cancerous. I refuse to live with “probably”.