PLEASE BE AWARE of this SCAM TELE-CALL claiming to be from NHS Track &Trace Service…

Hi everyone, I’m not reblogging as much as I used to so as not to bombard you lovely folks. However, I felt this one was important. Wherever we live, I reckon some sort of scheme like this is going on. Stay safe, everyone >>>

The following is copied from a Facebook post by Sally Cronin (see it HERE) <>>*** shared by Sonia Banks… And so it begins! ‘Good afternoon I’m calling fr…

Source: PLEASE BE AWARE of this SCAM TELE-CALL claiming to be from NHS Track &Trace Service…

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Jan Sikes

Thank you for sharing, Harmony! Yep, as soon as they ask for money, you know it’s not for real.

P. H. Solomon

So many of these. Thanks for sharing

Sandra Cox

Don’t ya just hate scams.
Stay safe. Stay healthy.

sally cronin

Thanks for sharing Harmony, just one of many I am sure… there are those who clearly are lacking in any empathy whatsoever and I wish them everything they wish on others…xx

Sarah Stuart

County Durham Police have a service where you can forward scam emails before deleting them – check to see if other counties have similar arrangements. I’ve sent them four to date. Yesterdays’ scam effort was cleverer. A phone call purporting to be from my bank saying “this is HSBC. For your own security, hang up and wait at least 25 seconds before keying in the number on the back of your card.” How they’d contrived to be sure they “read” that number I have no idea, but obviously I ignored it. Just another scam to be aware of, and thank… Read more »

Chris Graham

Many thanks for spreading the word, Harmony – when the Government first announced the Track & Trace Service, you could almost hear the scammers organising their schemes…