It worked. It’s a book

A new book from C S Boyack with a cover I love! For more about this, check out the original post >>>


I allowed myself that extra hour of sleep the time change provided. This isn’t my first book, so I didn’t completely panic when I got up. I went through my morning routine, fed the dogs…

Source: It worked. It’s a book

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Kevin Cooper

I’ll have to catch up on Craig’s books. 🙂

P. H. Solomon

Looking forward to this when I get a chance to read it.

Jan Sikes

Sharing the news! Congrats, Craig!

CS Boyack

Thank you, Jan.

CS Boyack

Thanks, Harmony. I like the cover, too. It ought to stand out in a field of thumbnail images.

D.L. Finn

Love the cover!

CS Boyack

Thank you, Denise. Sean did a great job on this one, and it ought to stand out in a sea of thumbnails.