Introducing THE NINE #newrelease #scifi #aliens – Staci Troilo

Lots happening in the blogoverse today! Staci has a new book out in her Astral series. Check it out here >>>

Ciao, amici! I told you the books in this series were going to start dropping quickly once they started. And they are. Today, I’m happy to announce Astral Conspiracy Book 3, The Nine, is now …

Source: Introducing THE NINE #newrelease #scifi #aliens – Staci Troilo

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Staci Troilo

This is the first time your feed has come up in my reader in a LONG time, Harmony. (Still can’t figure out why that is, but Denise Finn and my sister don’t appear, either.)

Anyway, so glad today of all days it worked. Thanks for sharing.

Staci Troilo

Much appreciated. ❤️ 👽