Hode’s Hill Series .99c Sale #GhostFiction #SupernaturalSuspense #ParanormalMystery

A great deal on Mae Clair’s Hodes Hill Series of books today … check it out at her place >>>

Hi, friends. I’ve been away since last Friday afternoon for an extended weekend at the beach. The weather was awesome and it turned out to be one of the best vacays DH and I have had. I got s…

Source: Hode’s Hill Series .99c Sale #GhostFiction #SupernaturalSuspense #ParanormalMystery

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Mae Clair

Harmony, many thanks for reblogging my post and helping me spread the word about the sale. And would you believe it—I can’t “Like” again!!!

Gwen Plano

Thank you, Harmony. I’ve got my copies and look forward to some great reads!

Mae Clair

Thank you so much, Gwen! I’m really hoping this sale exposes the books to a huge audience. I wish you happy reading and a big welcome to Hode’s Hill 🙂