Hidden Diversity Among Writers

Hi everyone, Gwen has a great post over at Story Empire today all about the different personalities and writing types. Well worth a read >>>

Hi SE friends! Gwen with you today, and we’re going to explore another element of typology as it relates to writing. You may recall that my prior two posts focused on Extroversion/Introversion and …

Source: Hidden Diversity Among Writers

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Diana Peach

That was a fun and fascinating post from Gwen. Thanks for sharing, Harmony. 🙂

Sandra Cox

I think this is the first time I’ve been to your website, Harmony. I love the way you have it set up. Both cozy and professional.
Wishing you a great writing-reading day:)

Gwen M Plano

Thank you so much, Harmony, for sharing this post. Have a wonderful weekend. 💗