Friday Writing Question

A thought-provoking writing question from P.H. Solomon over on Story Empire today …


Hello, Story Empire readers! Today, I get honor of throwing out the first writing question of 2018. Lately, I’ve really struggled with handling all the different tasks of being an author beca…

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Jan Sikes

I left my comment over on the Story Empire’s site. This is a great question.

Rhani D'Chae

The other problem I have is finding time to just sit down and write. But I’m actually only adding this so that I can leave another comment. I forgot to mark the Box to see additional comments when I posted my last one, and I want to know what other people have to say on this. It’s an interesting question.

Rhani D'Chae

For me, it’s finding money to use for marketing. I recently spent quite a bit of money that I didn’t really have three or four different marketing packages because I felt I needed to take a leap of faith. I did get some attention for my work, and some new followers that I think might become readers down the road, but I sold maybe 10 books combined so on a financial level, it was a complete failure. It’s so hard to find any kind of marketing program that will provide positive results, at a price I can afford. It’s the… Read more »