#Free SBN Bar Code Generator

Hi everyone. Dave Chesson has developed a free and awesome bar code generator. Click on the original post to find out more! I’ve book marked this for future use!

A huge thanks to Dave for doing this for us indie authors πŸ™‚


Screenshot of barcode generator from Dave Chesson

Barcode Pricing Instructions Below we have added instructions for different pricing scenarios, including each option’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as some guidance on when to use which. Table of contentsBarcode Without PriceBarcode With Price PlaceholderBarcode With an Actual Price Barcode Without Price If you’re not looking to include your books’s retail price with your barcode, simply enter your ISBN above and leave the price box empty. Choose this option if: You expect to make most of your sales online (via online vendors or your own website)If you sell your books yourself directly to a buyer (trade shows, book fairs,

Source: ISBN Bar Code Generator

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    • You’re welcome! I’m saving this for next time! Thanks, Robbie πŸ™‚