Website host changes and apologies for disruption @TerryTyler4 @BeemWeeks

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good weekend. Recently, I’ve had to change my website host server away from NameCheap, who caused me so many problems and, basically, took money from me they shouldn’t have, and have moved to Hostinger. The delay in NameCheap moving the where DNS pointed has meant that I’ve lost the blog post that pointed to Beem Weeks’s wonderful review for Life & Soul … so if you didn’t see that already, you can find it HERE. And for all of you who visited and commented and shared, a huge thank you!

I need to apologise to Terry Tyler because all but three of the wonderful comments that all you fantastic folks posted on my book review page for her book, Where There’s Doubt, didn’t survive the migration. And I don’t know how to retrieve them from the old servers and add them here. I am so sorry! Terry couldn’t reply to you all right away due to being away from home, and now most of those comments have gone. Please know, that Terry was absolutely thrilled with all the love she received! A few comments on other posts died too, and I apologise for that as well.

Finally, the latest comments plugin I tried using proved unhelpful for many of you, so I have reverted back to the WordPress comments box. Unfortunately, Jetpack won’t let me update the settings to allow you to comment by logging in with Twitter, Facebook, etc., and you will have to keep on inputting your name and email for every comment. Again, I am so sorry about this, and have tried for all of this year to get this sorted. All to no avail. I’ll keep banging my head against this one, I promise.

That’s it from me. Over the next days and weeks, I’ll be attempting to update some of my site now I’ve migrated, and I hope I can keep it running as smoothly as possible for you all. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs 💕🙂

30 Comments on “Website host changes and apologies for disruption @TerryTyler4 @BeemWeeks

  1. Hi Harmony, I am sorry to read about your blog woes. Sometimes these things with blogging can drive you crazy. I hope you’ve managed to get everything sorted out and are up and running again.

  2. I spent the first years of blogging wishing for a geek to manage all of those issues. I do have a guy–lives in Britain–who’s amazing and gets me through about 90% of the frustration. That’s my long way of saying as an Indie author and independent operator, I feel your pain!

    • Thanks, Jacqui. I used to know a guy who could help, but he passed away some years ago, sadly. Hugs 💕🙂

  3. What a pain in the you know where! Hope you have it straightened out now, Harmony.

  4. Arg, sorry for the gruel Harmony. Seems we’ve all been having glitches galore these past few weeks. I hope your new server allows me to see replies to comments I leave you. Good luck with your migrated posts, I know well what that headache is all about. <3

  5. I do hope things get sorted out, Harmony. Sending you hugs. 🤗🙂💕

  6. How thoughtful of you to alert me to this, Harmony! Just hope you manage to get sorted soon – this sort of thing is such a PITA! xxx

    • I so didn’t want you to think nobody had responded! It sure is a PITA! Thanks, Terry 💕🙂

  7. I did see Beem’s review. It was wonderful. And also your Terry Tyler review, so good! WP doesn’t like me much (won’t display my little gravatar half the time, and sends 50 percent of my OWN comments on my blog to spam). I guess it’s just the imperfections of the system we all have to deal with!

  8. I’ll see if I can comment. If it goes through, it worked. Now I have to log in to comment.

    • Thanks, Annette! My poor brain just isn’t as up to this tech stuff as it used to be 😆💕🙂