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Hello everyone! Well, it’s that time of the week again. Over here in the UK, we’ve had a heatwave, and it’s been lovely to have some rare sun. Last weekend, we couldn’t have asked for better weather for going out on the Polruan pilot boat and scattering my fiance’s father’s ashes. His whole life was at sea, firstly as a submariner, and latterly as a boat pilot at the local harbour. And the boat we went out on happened to be the last boat he’d piloted before his retirement. What a great send off. Sunday saw more family hellos and farewells and more great weather. On Monday, I saw a physiotherapist about this pesky back issue, and she wants me to have an x-ray of my hip, as she identified a problem there … oh, the joys of ageing, lols. On the positive side, it is getting looked into, and my back pain is much less this week, although I’m still having to be very careful. As promised in the comments on last week’s Week in Review, I posted the 1500 word story I came up with from my first time playing with Storymatic. If you missed that, you can find it HERE. Mid-week, I drew another four cards, and those prompts are:

  1. Person with a devastating secret
  2. Plastic surgeon
  3. Awkward hug
  4. Phone calls aren’t returned

Oh, have I had some fun with these! My story from the prompts comes in at a little under 2500 words 🙂


On a funny note, life certainly can be stranger than fiction. The other night, I queued a whole boxset series to download. It should have been 30 in all (10 X 3 series). One missed, and we had 29. When I went to find the errant episode and re-queued it, guess what its title was? …. A Glitch in the System!!! lols. You couldn’t plan it better.

That’s it from me for now. Have a fantastic weekend everyone 🙂


How To: From Word to Book by little ole moi … all about the hidden formatting in MS Word and how to work with that to best format your book.

When You Hit a Brick Wall by Joan Hall

Television and the Craft of Writing Fiction by All of us on Story Empire!



Author Inspiration and Week in Review from Staci Troilo … Why we write and useful writing resource links

The Week in Review from Joan Hall … vacation memories and writing links

The Senses and Sexual Tension from Romance University

How to Punctuate a Book Title from Just Publishing Advice

How to Write a Book and Stay Focused from Just Publishing Advice

Occupation Thesaurus from Writers Helping Writers … some great resources on here.

Dive Deep into Dialogue from Writers in the Storm

One Word Separates us from Psychopaths by Sue Coletta

Wax On Wax Off from Writers Helping Writers … areas to polish in your manuscript

An Addict’s Take on Writing Contests by Tracy Brody on Writers in the Storm

E-Commerce Blogging by Skubana from Nicholas Rossis

Story Empire (Co-authored)

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @harmony_kent

LinkedIn: Harmony

Goodreads: Author Page

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C.S. Boyack

Those are some wild prompts to weave into a story. Looking forward to it.

Harmony Kent

Ooh, Craig, I’m having so much creative fun with my Storymatic! My third story I’ve had to pause at 5000 words ready to pick up again when I can (probably Sunday). Glad you’re enjoying the short fiction and prompts ?

john howell

Glad you are getting to the source of your back problem. I thought the download and title of the missing episode quite ironic. Have a great week, Harmony.

Harmony Kent

Thanks, John! Have a great week too ?

Staci Troilo

You’ll be hearing this a lot… A Glitch in the System. Too funny.

I’m sorry about your fiance’s father. Sending hugs and prayers. It sounds as though he had a loving farewell and is probably content and at peace with his final resting place.

I love the quote you chose. “Delicious” is a perfect word.

Looking forward to your next story. Your four prompts are… delicious!

Harmony kent

Lols. Life sure can be amusing sometimes with its glitches! I’m so glad the quote resonates with you, Staci. And I’m delighted you find the prompts delicious! I’m in the middle of yet another story involving a neglected sibling and a family heirloom … am at 2800 words already and nowhere near the end yet! Have a lovely and peaceful weekend 🙂

Joan Hall

That’s funny – A Glitch in the System. Sounds like you had a busy week. How fitting to be on the last boat for the scattering of your fiance’s father’s ashes.

And I love that quote. It’s so true and I’m finding that as I’m in the middle of a new novel.

Take care, Harmony!

Harmony Kent

Thanks, Joan! And best of luck with that novel 🙂

Nicholas Rossis

Lol-A Glitch in the System indeed! Thank you for sharing my post 🙂