Interludes 2 – New Release – Harmony Kent @harmony_Kent – Writing and Music

AAANNNDDD … the final tour stop of my Interludes 2 release bonanza. This is from my stop at Jan Sikes’s place yesterday. If you haven’t seen the final teaser excerpt yet, I’ve had a few folks comment that it’s laugh out loud funny, so be sure to check it out 🙂 >>>


I am super thrilled to share my blog site today with Author, Harmony Kent, so she can tell you about her new collection of erotic short stories and the prompts she used to write them! Thanks so muc…

Source: Interludes 2 – New Release – Harmony Kent @harmony_Kent – Writing and Music

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Mae Clair

Your tour was so much fun, Harmony, especially seeing all the story prompts you worked with. I loved all the excerpts too. Hope it was a rousing success!

P.S….fab new website!

john howell

Was so funny, Harmony. Thanks

Yvette M Calleiro

I’ve enjoyed this book tour, Harmony! I can’t wait to read Interludes 2. 🙂

CS Boyack

Glad you’re back online. Hope the tour was a rousing success.

Staci Troilo

So glad you got it all worked out, Harmony. I hope you’re happy with the results. Looks great. And congratulations on a whirlwind tour!

Joan Hall

Looks good, Harmony! I like it. Congrats on wrapping up the tour!

Marcia Meara

se, Hi, Harmony

I can’t see my comment as I type, either, but otherwise your new site looks great!

Jan Sikes

Hi, Harmony. I don’t know if this will post or not, as I cannot see my typing in the box, but I like the new look of your site.