#GuestDayTuesday – The Gift of Blogging by Sally Cronin

Hi everyone! I hope this week is being kind to you so far. Today, Blogger and supporter extraordinaire, Sally Cronin, is chatting over at Marcia Meara’s place. I had to hop straight onto my computer to share this, as this lady holds a special place in my heart >>>


Today, I’m pleased to announce that our guest is none other than blogger extraordinaire, Sally Cronin. I know many of you are familiar with her hugely popular Smorgasbord blog, and will reall…

Source: #GuestDayTuesday – The Gift of Blogging by Sally Cronin

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Mark Bierman

Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Harmony! It was a great article, Sally is such a wonderful supporter!

Harmony Kent

She sure is! Thanks, Mark 🙂

Toni Pike

Lovely to see this fabulous interview here, Harmony. Toni x

Jan Sikes

It’s so great to see the spotlight shine on Sally!

Harmony Kent

She’s so deserving! Thanks, Jan 🙂

John Howell

Great to see Sally here, Harmony.

Marcia Meara

Thanks so much for sharing Sally’s visit, Harmony! It was a treat to have her on The Write Stuff today, as she has been a constant support and inspiration to me, as well as to so very many others! She’s one of a kind, and I’m very pleased that she’s my #GuestDayTuesday visitor today. SO glad you stopped by, too! 🙂 <3

Thanks again!

sally cronin

Thanks again Marcia.. I am having a blast.. and so grateful for the support and lovely comment from Harmony.. ♥

Gwen M Plano

What an uplifting share, Harmony. Big hugs to both you and Sally! I’ve visited the full post on Marcia’s site. ❤

sally cronin

Thanks Gwen.. and for the lovely comment you left over at Marcia’s post..hugsxx

sally cronin

Thanks so much for sharing Harmony and for your lovely intro… enjoy the rest of your week..hugsxx♥