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Hi everyone! Today, it gives me tremendous pleasure to host fantastic author and friend, Staci Troilo. She has the most readable and wonderful new sci-fi series out now, and it has me hooked. Staci writes the Astral Conspiracy series as D. L. Cross, and it’s not to be missed. Okay, I’ll stop raving now and will let Staci tell you all about the fab books >>>

Ciao, Harmony. Thanks so much for inviting me to visit again today. It’s nice to be back. And bidding all your readers a good day, as well.

{It’s so great to have you over to visit today, Staci 🙂 }

I’m here today to talk about my Astral Conspiracy series. It’s technically science fiction, as it’s part of the acclaimed Platt and Truant Invasion Universe, but my saga is as much thriller as it is sci-fi, so I thought I’d have a little fun with my marketing and include pages from the top-secret government files on my main characters. Today, I’m sharing info on Christopher Tian.


Name: Christopher (Chris) Tian

Occupation: Along with his father, in charge of Tian Global Enterprises (TGE), an international conglomerate, as well as having an interest in many other corporations

Of Note: Member of one of the “Nine” (a secret cabal of nine families who are the masterminds behind any transaction of note, nationally or internationally)

TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW BETWEEN AUTHOR (Staci Troilo a.k.a. D.L. Cross) AND CHARACTER (Chris Tian) ON ASTRAL DAY (the day the world is alerted to the approach of alien ships) via video conference.

(Video is eyes-only, file #10171997-V, director’s approval required.)

Subject photo available, file #10171997-G

Staci: Mr. Tian. It’s a pleasure to talk to you today.

Chris: I only have a few minutes. How can I help you?

Staci: Well, I’m given to understand that you knew about the impending invasion before the Astral app went off. Is that true?

Chris: Why do you ask?

Staci: Well, if it is true, I’m curious how you came by that information and why you didn’t share it sooner.

Chris: And if it’s not true?

Staci: Then I guess I’d like to know why people think you have access to intel the rest of us don’t.

Chris: People are always curious about public figures, particularly the ones they consider enigmas.

Staci: I don’t even know if it’s fair to call you a public figure, you stay so far out of the limelight. Maybe it’s not so farfetched to say you operate from the shadows.

Chris: And who says that?

Staci: Mr. Tian, I’m the one who’s supposed to be asking the questions.

Chris: And you have been.

Staci: But you aren’t answering them.

Chris: Of course I am. You just haven’t asked the questions you really wanted answered.

Staci: I don’t think that’s exactly the case, but—

Chris: Are you calling me a liar?

Staci: Of course not. And I apologize if you misconstrued my meaning.

Chris: Mmm-hmm.

Staci: (takes a deep breath) All right, Mr. Tian. I’ll ask you plainly, and hope you’ll answer just as earnestly. What do you know about the aliens that hasn’t been released to the public?

Chris: (looking at his watch) And we’re out of time. Have a good day.

Staci: But you still haven’t answered my ques— (sighs as Tian’s screen goes dark)

Chris makes his presence known in the first two books, but he doesn’t make his official debut in the Astral Conspiracy series until book three, The Nine. You can read a brief synopsis of all five books below, and each one has links to its product page and a purchase link.

The Gate: When the hypotheses of disgraced ancient alien theorist Landon Thorne prove to be true, he travels across the globe in search of a way to communicate with—and perhaps stop—the approaching alien armada. Full Blurb | Purchase Link

The Stones: The invasion couldn’t be prevented, but there is a chance the Astrals can be driven away… if Landon Thorne can reach the Georgia Guidestones, unearth its secrets, and decode the mystery before the aliens stop him. Full Blurb | Purchase Link

The Nine: Landon Thorne and his team of resistance fighters seek a cipher to decode the message accompanying a cache of alien artifacts they’ve unearthed, but the government, a clandestine cabal, and the Astrals themselves stand in their way and might not only put an end to their plans—they might put an end to their lives. Full Blurb | Purchase Link

The Twins: When all factions converge for a human-versus-alien showdown, resistance fighter Reverie Sterling gets help from the least likely source. But even then, it may be too late for everyone she loves to make it out alive. Full Blurb | Purchase Link

The Lab: In the final showdown between Earthlings and Astrals, twins Asha and Vonn insist their long-lost grandfather has a plan to save humanity. It’s a long-shot, but the resistance takes it—and no one is prepared for the consequences. Full Blurb | Purchase Link

About Staci Troilo/D.L. Cross

D.L. Cross has loved science fiction ever since she was a young girl and fell for Major Don West on television’s Lost in Space. To this day, she still quotes the show, though her favorite lines were spoken by the robot and the antagonist. Parallel universes or alternate realities, aliens or dinosaurs, superpowers or super viruses, time travel or AI… no sci-fi theme is off limits and all of them fascinate her. D.L. Cross also writes other genre fiction under the name Staci Troilo, and you can find more information about all her identities and all her work at her website:

Connect online: Website | Blog | Troilo Amazon |

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I just wanted to thank you, Harmony, and your readers. This post was as fun to write as the stories were, and I appreciate you all taking the time to read it. Grazie!

I wish Staci all the best with this series and can’t wait to see what she writes next! See below for a review of mine from July last year for the first book in the series: The Gate >>>          





Having read other books by this author (Staci Troilo/D L Cross), I grabbed my copy of The Gate as soon as it went on pre-order, and I haven’t been disappointed. What a fantastic fast-paced read. We meet Landon Thorne, long ridiculed for his outlandish beliefs. Then we meet the agents of AATIP, who pull us into a world of betrayal, back-stabbing, ambition, lies, and intrigue. Meanwhile, an Astral App has alerted everyone on Earth that Aliens are coming. All of a sudden, Landon Thorne is the man everyone wants. And while he’s happy his beliefs and life’s work have, finally, been recognised and vindicated, he’s less than thrilled at the mess and complications he gets pulled into. While the author has obviously done lots of research for this book, she doesn’t bore the reader with it, but uses it to enhance an already gripping tale of Aliens, conspiracies, government secrets, and betrayals. While this first episode in the series does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, it also rounds off many of the preceding threads nicely and leaves you wanting more. I’m eagerly awaiting the second book in the Invasion Universe (Astral Conspiracy) series. If you’re a fan of ancient-alien theories, thrown together with modern conspiracy theories and plenty of action, suspense, and intrigue, then you’re bound to love this book. I can’t recommend this first book in the series highly enough. It gets a solid 5 stars from me. Go out and buy it now.

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  1. Great post, Staci. Chris isn’t very good at answering questions, is he? I look forward to watching his powerful man in action and seeing what’s behind his evasiveness. Great interview that left me wanting more. Thanks for sharing, Harmony. 😀

  2. Well, Chris certainly isn’t an easy chap to interview. Thanks for hosting Staci, Harmony.

  3. A wonderful feature, Harmony! Thank you for sharing, and have a beautiful week! Michael

  4. Mr Tian is quite the elusive one, now isn’t he? 🙂 Another great post for this series, Staci. Thank you for hosting, Harmony!

  5. Tian’s a real friendly type guy, isn’t he? 🙂 Enjoying these posts, Staci. The mini-trailer above is cool!
    Wonderful interview, Harmony. This series is changing my belief in aliens!

    • He’s so emotive and willing to share. I love that about him. lol

      Harmony blew me away with that. It was such a wonderful surprise!

      Thanks, Jacquie.

    • He definitely doesn’t show his cards, Teri. And despite some rather large and obvious personality issues, I did like him. He was fun to write. Talk about someone who feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. Thanks for following the tour here today.

  6. LOL. This is so like Chris Tian in your books. Never a straight answer, but I’m growing to like him–reluctantly. Not so much when he tested the new weapons. I hope he and Tasha get together at the end of the series, but your books are full of surprises:) And his time is always precious. Great character interview.

    • I tried to make sure everyone stayed true to character in their interviews. They were a lot of fun to write. And he doesn’t give straight answers, that’s for sure. Thanks for following along on the tour, Judi.

  7. This is my very favorite of these fun interviews, Staci! I laughed all the way through it. 😀 (And happily, I knew you were over here today, so I found it even after losing the contents of my Inbox this morning.) I’m just about ready to begin my binge read of this whole series, and can’t wait! Thanks for giving me one more reason to want to get to it! 🙂 Great post, Harmony and Staci! Sharing! 🙂

  8. And why does it not surprise me that Chris was so evasive in that interview? The man is definitely an intriguing character. Just one of many in this series.

    I’ve read all five books and like any outstanding series, am currently mourning the fact I have no others to devour. For those who haven’t read these yet, WHAT A TREAT!

    Huge congrats to Staci and excellent job hosting, Harmz!

    • Chris was the quintessential Chris in this interview—he turned things to his benefit.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. Sorry you’re sad it’s over. I’m always happy to talk behind the scenes with you. There’s a lot that hit the “cutting room floor” and readers always have questions and theories. Truth be told, there were a few characters I was sad to say goodbye to, as well. And a few I couldn’t run from fast enough. lol

      Thanks, Mae.

    • I’m really enjoying hosting Staci and the Astral Series today. Thanks, Mae 🙂

  9. Chris was kind of unhelpful. Loved the post, and loving this series. Nice to see Staci out on the trail.

  10. What a wonderful post, Harmony! I love how you animated the cover. Fantastic! A big congratulations to Staci for another great interview and showcase. I am captivated! 😊

  11. Thank you so much for welcoming “D.L. Cross” here today, Harmony. You always roll out the red carpet for me and make me feel so at home. And that animation on the cover is amazing. It just blew me away. I can’t tell you how grateful I am… words fail me.

    • So glad you like the animation. I had fun playing with that and wanted to surprise you. Your series has blown me away, Staci. Wishing you all the very best with everything. Hugs xx 🙂

  12. This is a fantastic series. I read the first book last year and have devoured the other four as they were released. Staci did an amazing job. All rate five stars for me!

  13. Great post guys! I’m awestruck how you made that glowy logo on your book cover, Staci 🥺