Can You Find 27 Figure Of Speech Examples In This Cartoon?

A bit of fun for my last reblog today … 🙂

Here are 27 figure of speech examples in illustrated form. Can you find all of them and use the correct figurative expression? A fun challenge for word lovers.

Source: Can You Find 27 Figure Of Speech Examples In This Cartoon?

11 comments on “Can You Find 27 Figure Of Speech Examples In This Cartoon?
  1. rbj says:

    She’s a shadow of her former self.
    Joke is on you.

  2. Alex Scott says:

    Put your best foot forward.
    From Rags to Riches.

  3. johncnnj says:

    How about Pigeon Headed?

  4. Animesh says:

    Kick the bucket
    Crowing about something
    Cat got your tongue
    All eggs in one basket
    Cold feet
    Silver spoon in the mouth
    Served on a silver platter
    Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs
    Ace up his sleeve
    Cards close to his chest
    Red herring
    Spill the beans
    Piece of cake
    Time flies
    Hit the nail on the head
    Wears his heart on his sleeve
    Joker in the pack
    Bug in the ear
    Cherry on top
    Shoe on the wrong foot / pull up socks
    Big cheese
    Tied up in knots
    In a nutshell
    A thing of shreds and patches
    Hold a cat by the tail
    Out at the knees
    Cast a shadow over

  5. Vishal says:

    1. Born with a silver spoon
    2. Ace up my sleeve
    3. All eggs in a basket
    4. Tie in knots
    5. Kicking the bucket
    6. Carrying my heart on my sleeve
    7. Joker in the pack
    8. Make ends meet
    9. Crowing about (something)
    10. End of my tether
    11. Getting Cold feet
    12. Pull up your socks
    13. Be a patch on (something)
    14. Worm out (of a situation)
    15. Cherry topping
    16. In tatters
    17. Red herring
    18. Spill the beans
    19. Bald as a cue ball
    20. Bald as a coot
    21. Holding the cat by the tail
    22. Can make an omelette without ‘breaking an egg’
    23. Keep your cards close to your chest
    24. A piece of cake
    25. Hit the nail on the head
    26. Time Flies
    27. Cat Got Your tongue

  6. Jasvinder says:

    Don’t keep all the eggs in one basket
    Born with a silver spoon
    Wearing heart on the sleeve
    Time flies
    Kicking the bucket
    Ace up his sleeve
    Keeping cards close to his chest
    A red herring
    A Piece of cake
    Spill the beans
    nail struck in the head
    Cherry on the top
    Cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg

  7. Staci Troilo says:

    Gah! I don’t have time to do this now, but I’m going to take a quick peek, anyway!

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