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I am delighted today to host the third of five authors I am going to spotlight, promote, and propel over five days as part of the RRBC BT Pay it forward week. Credit for this Pay it Forward idea has to go to Bethany Turner, who is a fellow member of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB and such a supportive lady. She had the idea of supporting one author per day, and not promoting herself or anyone else at all for that whole day. Well, as RRBC is all about support, this was a huge hit, and we now have our very own RRBC Bethany Turner Pay it Forward Week! For more information, or to sign up for future Pay it Forward weeks, please click HERE. Okay, I’m sure you’re all dying to know who my author of the day is today …

A HUGE warm welcome to Nonnie Jules! Nonnie is the founder and president of RRBC, as well as a talented author! This means she devotes countless hours every week to the club and all its members, helping to ensure they have the best book club they could have. Nonnie really goes out of her way to support everyone. So, lets all please give Nonnie as much support as we can today! 🙂

About Nonnie Jules

Rave Reviews Book Club Founder and President

Also known as WONDER WOMAN!

Lynda-Carter-American-Wonder-WomanNonnie established the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB in December 2013 for the sole purpose of supporting, promoting, and propelling her fellow authors. Nonnie is one of the strongest women I know, and is always thinking of ways to best support every member of the book club. I admire her dedication and commitment and drive. As well as setting up and running this awesome club, Nonnie also writes a number of blogs, and has written a number of books. Not only this, but Nonnie also offers promotional and publishing help for authors in the form of 4Wills Publishing. I have run a number of blog tours with 4Wills, and have benefited from each and every one. Nonnie goes out of her way to help authors.

Nonnie Jules was born in the mid ’70s in  TX.  When she was a mere toddler, her family relocated to Shreveport, LA where red dirt roads and pick up trucks go hand in hand.  She still lives in Louisiana today with her husband, two daughters and their many animals.  She loves to write from all genres of literature including short stories, poetry, fiction and non, as well as How-To books.  Her first book “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS,” 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! is on sale now on Amazon, Createspace or autographed copies atBooksByNonnie. You may also watch the trailer to “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…”  here on Youtube.

Her second writing,  a novel entitled “Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend” was just released in  November, 2013,  and was highly anticipated by many who had read only the first two chapters. It’s on Amazon as well as autographed copies at BooksByNonnie.  Check out the trailer.   “THE GOOD MOMMIE’S GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT KIDS,” The Next 100! A children’s book  is also scheduled for release sometime in the near future.

Nonnie recently started her own publishing company along with 3 partners, 4WillsPublishing. Noticing some of the work that was being put out in the industry, it became a strong desire of hers to ensure that authors were only putting out THE BEST, and that the readers were only being offered the BEST, and that’s who her company will represent: those that are already at their best and those aspiring to be the best!  So, if you have a story inside you that you want to get out, OR if you’ve already written and published, but are looking for other awesome marketing tools for your book(s),  simply visit their SERVICES page to find out about the  fantastic services the company has to offer.

In December, 2013, Nonnie founded Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules and the Rave Reviews Book Club which you’ve probably heard so much about.  In a little over a year, this organization has reached over 500 in membership and that number increases daily!  If you’re an author (or reader) and you are looking to become a part of an organization that feels like family, one that  will support you to no end, you need to add your name to that roster of the elite members of RRBC.

This Author lives by the premise that A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE.  She’s always willing to lend a helping hand to another, and her hope is that her fellow authors will do the same for others coming up in the ranks, when they are presented with the opportunity. Nonnie can be be found most often on Twitter, relentlessly promoting other indie authors.  Nonnie says that she will continue to write as long as her readers continue reading her work.

I have to give a mention to Nonnie’s ON THE SHELF INTERVIEWSYou really have to check out these hilarious (ahem) I mean informative and serious(ly dangerous) ahem, ahem … interviews! Ahem … sorry, guys, I seem to have developed a bit of a cough! Seriously though, Nonnie’s on the shelf’s have become (in)famous! You really don’t want to miss them. I’ve been a (victim) guest myself before now! 🙂 

Nonnie’s Blogs:


Ask The Good Mommy

Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules


Nonnie’s Books:

Nonnie is the author of many books, all of which can be found HERE.

Her most recent books are:

1If Only There Was Music book coverIF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC: The poetry of forbidden love

A compilation of poetry in collaboration with author Giani Jordan.

Available here: AMAZON UK and AMAZON US.

This is a book of poetry for and about forbidden love. These poems are sexy, sensuous and hot, but most of all, they are poems of love… and the feelings they arouse in you are unbelievable! They “feel” like love songs and you will “feel” like singing, but they are only spoken words coming from your mouth, without music. If you aren’t in love before you begin reading this book, you will go seeking a love afterwards.


Available here: AMAZON UK and AMAZON US.


“She was one horrible mess. Always looking over her shoulder and avoiding becoming too friendly with the neighbors. That anxiety stemmed from a horrible place. Always fearing that someone would recognize her face, she kept to herself and didn’t go out much. And when she did, no matter the season, she wore some kind of hat or covering on her head, enough to shield her face.

Walter never understood why she was such a loner, avoiding people at all cost and just being very anti-social outside of the house. Houston was originally her home, not his, yet she didn’t even want her own family and friends to know that she had returned. The only person she found herself being able to really open up with was Walter. And although she tried to make him feel otherwise, he knew that there was still a huge wall up that even he would never be able to see over or climb.”

Marisa had a secret and if it was ever revealed, it would cost her her life and her freedom.

Nonnie also has a MERCHANDISE STORE, where you will find lots of goodies, including: book bags, aprons, cell phone cases, drinking glasses, and much more.

Nonnie’s websites are HERE and HERE.

You can also find Nonnie on Twitter: @NonnieJules

On Facebook:


Very best of luck with all your endeavours, Nonnie! And thank you for being such an awesome and supportive gal! 🙂

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