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It gives me great pleasure to host Author D E Howard on my blog today, as part of RRBC’s Pay It Forward Week!

The idea of this week is to pay forward support by promoting one author for a whole day. My author for today is D E Howard, author of Assaie’s Gift and Spirit of the Book. I did some digging around and came across this:

Random Facts (from DE’s blog)

Below is a list of random facts I have discovered or been told – I will add to this as new ones come to my attention – any contributions to the list will be most welcome.

Note: some of these may only be applicable in the UK

The best before date on a packet of crisps is always a Saturday (I just know you will be checking this on the next packet you eat – I did)

It is illegal to carry a tin of paint on a bus

Fingertips get wrinkly in the bath when the rest of your skin doesn’t to give you more grip when wet

The spelling of William Shakespeare’s name was not spelled any single way during his lifetime. So if you ever spell it wrong – don’t worry, it seems he didn’t know how to spell it either.

If you type askew into google it goes… well askew! (Go on you know you want to try it)

Disclaimer: I cannot confirm the validity of all of the above facts, they are just those I have gleaned over time from various sources and people and found them interesting, amusing or just plain weird.

Hilarious! And, yes, I did try them! Have you? 🙂

DE’s first book “Assaie’s Gift”, published in February 2015, is available in Kindle or good old paperback versions.

assaiekpdHuman love can last a lifetime, the love of a Goddess is eternal.

“A pantheonic love story with several twists on the theme, I can highly recommend this first novel by this author”

“Amazing book from start to end”

“I shall be recommending it to my friends”

There was a time when the Gods and Goddesses watched over the world, a time when they were worshipped and loved, but that time has passed.

Their names became legends, those legends became myths and eventually even the myths were forgotten… but not by everyone.

Kia Deering had lived an ordinary life, raised by a loving mother her life was happy, but simple. On the morning of her eighteenth birthday everything began to change. Kia expects a day filled with excitement and fun, what she does not anticipate are the events that will change her life forever, turning the reality she believes in on its head and introducing her to the existence of the Goddess Assaie.

Read D E Howard’s debut novel Assaie’s Gift and follow a love that began in a time long passed

Buy it here: http://tinyurl.com/k3zmj7l

Available now – DE’s second book “Spirit of the Book”


Spirit of the book_finalDo you believe in magic?
Ellie Forrester didn’t.

Raised an only child by a mother who never hid her resentment Ellie learned from an early age to be self sufficient.

Finally moving away from her mother’s negative influence Ellie thought her small run down flat was a little piece of paradise.

The old book she found hidden away didn’t seem to be anything remarkable but Ellie soon discovered that it contained far more than just the words on the pages.

Ellie soon discovered that not only did magic exist but it was within her reach.

Do you believe in magic?
Ellie Forrester does!

BUY IT NOW – you know you want to!

Connect with D E Howard:


Blog or Website: https://dawndelivers.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @dehauthor

Facebook Page URL: https://www.facebook.com/DEHAuthor/

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  1. Those are my kind of plots. My TBR list just keeps on growing and I can’t keep up with it; but I’m going to HAVE to put at least one of these on the list! Thank you both for being such supportive members of RRBC.

    • It’s my pleasure! You are always so supportive, and you so deserve the spotlight for a day 🙂

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