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Hello, and welcome to Harmony’s place! Wow, what a blast we’re having this whole month! Come and join the party … RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party all through August! That’s right, we’re partying for a whole month. Links for the other party places are on the RRBC website 🙂

On today’s stop, you’ve landed in Cozy Cornwall in the UK 🙂


Prizes I’m Giving Away Today!!! Closed


ONE Amazon Gift Card of $10.00 (or £10 if in the UK!) Winner: Brent Griffiths!

ONE free copy of winner’s choice of one of my e-books! Winner: Richie Gerber!

Your Blog/Website advertised in the back of my next book!!! Winner: Christy Nicholas!

Huge thank you to everyone for stopping by!

Number of winners for this stop: 3!

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Okay, so you all know me as a nice girl, right? Until you read my books, that is, lols!

The things in my head scare even me sometimes 🙂

Yep, I’m afraid I’m not the sweet little thing you all thought … I’ve killed people (plenty, in fact), brought evil to the tranquil Forest of Dean, and gotten up to all sorts in some sexy Interludes!

If I haven’t scared you off yet, you can read on for a quick peek at each of my books and where to find the murder, sexy times, and general mayhem! 🙂

You will find two of my books on upcoming Kindle Countdown Deals!

Kindle Cover InterludesInterludes

My latest book

A collection of short erotic fiction that will tickle more than your taste buds and wet more than your appetite.

With a range of genres and styles, this book has enough steam for everyone.

GREY MANCHESTER—contemporary romance in 1000 words. Will Nadine choose to drop her knife or her knickers?

DOUBLE TROUBLE—ménage a trois in 2000 words. After a dry spell, Sophia gets more than she bargained for with a solicitor and a teacher.

DRAGON KISSED—shifter romance in 3000 words. Jenna’s life is fairly run of the mill until she has a flying accident. With a dragon. All is not as it seems in this fiery romance.

TRYST—contemporary romance in 4000 words. Polly pushes the boundaries on a workplace night out.

LOVE ON THE CORNISH LINE—contemporary romance in 5000 words. Becky falls flat on her face, and madly in love. Her weekly commute home proves to be anything but routine.

THE INLAW—contemporary romance in 6000 words. At 43, amputee Carla never expected in her wildest dreams to be called a MILF by a hot young stud. Trouble is, he’s her son in law’s brother. And young enough to be her son. Sparks fly when she’s caught with her hands in the biscuit tin.

NIGHT NURSE—contemporary romance in 7000 words. Denise has only weeks left to live. What constitutes life, though? What fills the yawning hours of empty days? Who are you once the chemo and the cancer have stripped you bare? What to do?—Go out on a slow fizzle, or with a big bang?

OVERBOARD—contemporary romance in 8000 words. When Stella falls overboard in the middle of the Pacific, she gets more than she bargained for. Sharks and storms not withstanding.

ALIEN LIAISON—alien romance in 9000 words. When the military transport, Lunas Two, crash lands on Zorth, Jay is given the job of liaising with the locals. She’s seen plenty of aliens in her four years of service, but never one as finger licking good as Lemo. How far will she have to go to keep the peace?

SAVING FACE—historical romance in 10,000 words. Non-related step brother and sister, David and Annalise, break all the rules in this steamy historical romance. Forced to live apart from the love of her life and into an arranged and loveless marriage, Annalise has to grow up fast. When all is lost, will she be able to save face?

READER ADVISORY: This book contains explicit sex scenes and language hot enough to melt your Kindle. For mature readers only.


Interludes will be on a Kindle Countdown deal at just 0.99 from 26th August through to midnight 28th August!

Slices of Soul Kindle Cover

Slices of Soul is a collection of contemporary poetry from author Harmony Kent that will both delight and call for deeper reflection. ‘Phantoms’ gives a gritty account of pain that you can never catch. ‘Enough’ expresses the contentment of Zen. ‘Diamonds’ shows the beauty to be found on a drab and rainy day. While ‘The Alchemist’ shows you how a guitar can turn lead into gold. This wonderful arrangement of fifty poems takes you from the abstract of Zen to the melody of music, and will reach into your mind, your heart, and your soul.


Finding Katie

Kindle Cover Finding Katie1I killed someone, you see. I killed the girl, who used to be me.

I’m Kate … Kate Charlesworth. I’m seventeen, and self-harming. This time I cut too deep, and I’m in hospital. I hadn’t meant for it to be so bad—it just sort of happened. I needed a lot of distraction that day.

You’ve had bad days, right? Days it hurts too much to think. Days you just wanna stay in bed. Days when the world needs to go away for a while. Right?

What do you do when you’ve hit rock bottom? When there’s nowhere left to turn?

This one little mistake lands me back on a psych unit—the last place I wanna be. Only this time, the nurse I end up with isn’t content to stick on a band-aid and send me home. She wants me to face my demons. But to do that, I’ll have to face who I am … who I used to be … I’ll have to find Katie.


Polish Your Prose is a powerful guide that gives essential editing tips for authors. Lots of books have been written on the art of writing, and here—at last—is a guide that will teach you the essential techniques of Polish Your Prose Kindle Coverediting your own book. This will help you turn a promising manuscript into a published novel. And, it does this without the jargon. You don’t need to know all the grammatical terms in order to make use of this book. You don’t need to know the definition of a split infinitive, a comma splice, or a ‘to be’ verb, as this manual explains these in detail in easy to understand terms, and a lively and engaging style.

Chapters on Passive Writing, Tense, Point of View, Dialogue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an editor would go through to polish and perfect your manuscript. Good writing is nothing without good editing. Learn the secrets of good editing and writing with this essential author reference, which offers so much more for so much less.

Harmony Kent is an award winning author, and accomplished editor and proofreader. Her passion is helping Indie Authors to successfully achieve their goals and dreams.


Polish Your Prose will be on a Kindle Countdown deal at just 0.99 from 5th August through to midnight 8th August!

Elemental Earth Cover for KindleElemental Earth

(The Mysteries:

Book 1)

 YA Fantasy Fiction

“You turned the god of gnomes into a garden ornament?”

Sarah looked closely, but couldn’t tell if her dad was annoyed or amused—perhaps he was both …

Whilst 15 year old Sarah may be struggling to regain her feet, after being ripped from her everyday mundane life and ending up in a whole new dimension, she still knows how to have a bit of fun along the way. The Earth Elemental isn’t the only one whose feathers she manages to ruffle, and it’s only been four days. Meanwhile, her best friend is missing, and big trouble is brewing. She soon has a lot more to worry about than what happened to her phone or iPod, or even how much of an idiot Caleb obviously thinks she is.

Elemental Earth is the first book in The Mysteries series, and is aimed at Young Adults. Even if you’ve already reached an age where the young ones might call you ‘old enough’, if you’re still young at heart then you’re bound to enjoy these books just as much as the next—err—younger adult.

Age aside, perhaps we should be more worried about what further havoc Sarah’s antics might be about to wreak on the universe as we know it? We’d probably all be sleeping a lot more soundly if she’d only stuck to applied maths and the odd pillow fight. But no, sadly the lure of the proverbial rabbit hole proved just a tad too much. And now she’s taken the plunge, there’s no turning back.


The GladeThe Glade Front Cover with BRAG Medallion

“Readers who like to curl up during the long winter evenings and feel the delicious chill of fear running up and down their spines need only turn to The Glade to have all their expectations fulfilled.

The Glade is a horror story in the mould of Stephen King, and rendered the more so by its faint echoes of Pet Cemetery and the even stronger resonance of the pervasive malignancy of It.” —Review by Brian O’Hare

This gripping, edge-of-your-seat mystery/thriller will have you thinking twice about booking that idyllic cottage in the country. Nothing in this woodland paradise within the Forest of Dean is what it seems.

The Wenstrops have it all: health, wealth, and happiness. Until everything falls apart. Helen gets arrested for murder, and yet is either unable or unwilling to give a defence. During her detention, vital evidence goes missing and tensions run high.

Meanwhile, in the woods, malignant forces gather power.

This sensational second novel by acclaimed author Harmony Kent will have you alternately laughing, crying, and gripping the edge of your seat as this roller-coaster ride of a plot unfolds. It will keep you guessing through its many twists and turns, and hijack your attention right up until you turn the final page. This book has it all: murder, intrigue, the supernatural, a broken marriage, a love affair, courage against impossible odds, suspense, and high drama.



The Battle for Brisingamen 

My first book

There is a World not too Far Away …

Beneath the north sea a land of magic lies undetected. The lives of many are drawn inexorably closer together in a race against time, as both energy companies and evil beings attempt to destroy the magic which is protecting not just this land but all worlds. The unwitting protagonists have no idea of how suddenly and irrevocably their lives are about to change.

It is a race against time to try and recover the lost necklace, Brisingamen, which holds the ancient power of the Goddess Freya, and to prevent the undersea drilling from taking place. Are Aart, Matthias, Gemma and Dirck up to the challenges they now must face?

Here there be Dragons, and all manner of Creatures …



126 Comments on “RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party!

  1. Have put a review on my blogg of inter loofa
    Loved it
    Dose sex realy sel
    Would you mind if I trided to write a colection like this
    I am shore it will not as good s yours which is good because I want us to be friends
    So can i

    • Thanks so much, Adam! So glad you like Interludes. Of course you can write a collection like it…in fact, I look forward to reading it when it’s done ? ! We definitely are friends and there’s no competition, only a wish to support ?

  2. Hey Harmony,

    Wow, I have most of your books and have read Finding Katie so far. Loved it! I’m looking forward to reading Elemental Earth and The Glade, and definitely Polish Your Prose before I start my next round of edits. Happy Blog Party!!!!

    • Thanks, Kim! Awesome that you enjoyed FINDING KATIE! I’m sure you’ll love the others 🙂

  3. Wow, Harmony,I feel like a kid in a candy store!!! All my favorite genres written by a friend who is not who she seems? Now that I’ve salivated over all your books, I’m wiping my feet and fingers for prints . . . not that you would follow me or harm me but just to be on the safe side. Loving this tour!!

    • Thanks, Brent! So thrilled you’re enjoying THE GLADE. Hope it’s not keeping you up nights, lols 🙂

  4. Hi Harmony,

    Great website and great books. Hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for all the support you give to indie writers. It is greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks, Gordon! I love supporting you all 🙂 So pleased you like the website and books 🙂

  5. For some strange reason, your site won’t let my three previous posts through-Said it was spam. Love the sound of your books: murder, sexy things and general mayhem.

    • Glad you love the sound of my books, SJ, and so pleased you finally got through … thanks for persevering! 🙂

  6. Harmony, you sure know how to throw a party!! Such an awesome post. Your talent is truly inspiring! I’ve read three of your books so far. Yup, I’m a fan for sure! Cheers to you and all that you do! 🙂

    • That would be awesome, Mary! We do seem to be a creative county, lols. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Great post – haha there was certainly no “nice girl” in the scary things you wrote into The Glade… and I think I might have to be getting my hands on one or two more of your books before long… I think Interludes is high on that list 🙂

    • Ha! Yep, they say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for! lols. Am sure you’ll love Interludes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Dawn! 🙂

  8. Hi Harmony! Great to be back on your blog site – beautifully done and organized. I very much enjoyed learning a bit about your latest WIP as well. You are always blogging and tweeting and posting for everybody else I hope you take the moment to enjoy all the great buzz that will come to your blog today from the RRBC Back to School Blog Tour – enjoy! MikeL

    • Thanks so much, Michael. I am overwhelmed at how many of you have dropped by and left such wonderful comments today. I definitely am enjoying all the great buzz! 🙂

  9. Hey Harmony! I loved learning more about your library. I knew of only a few before today, and I’m glad to know there’s more especially since I too tend to follow the muse rather than box myself into a single genre stream. Loved the mix of content to get the word out about your book babies too =)

  10. Great blog site, thanks for hosting “RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party!” I am used to scary minds as I am married for almost 52 years to the awesome writer JoAnn Wentzel. She has two books published on Amazon and both are on sale for 99 cents. Thanks again for being one of the blogs for the Block Party.


  11. Nice lineup of your books and different genre’s. A girl after my own heart. I haven’t written in any one genre either. Whatever comes to my mind to say, I just say it. I have a couple of your books and the one on countdown. Congratulations! Your blog is nicely laid out too. How can I compete with all this? lol

    • No competing necessary! Thanks so much for stopping by, Shirley. You keep on writing what you have to say 🙂

  12. Great blog, Harmony! I loved reading Interludes, so I’ve seen the sexy seductress side of you. Perhaps I need to take a look at another side. How awesome to be able to write so many different genres! Happy Blog Party!

    • Thanks, Jan! And thank you for signing up to my newsletter! I wonder if my multiple-genres indicate multiple personalities???!!!! lols 🙂

  13. Harmony~

    I am totally amazed at your prolific writing skills. For me, just writing this short comment is a stretch.

    You are a great writer.

    Thanks for sharing~

    Richie Gerber

  14. I love your covers so much and can’t wait to finish reading your books! The trailers are super cool, too, and I plan on having some more made. They are a lot of fun and make great long term promotional material.

    Thanks so much!

    • Thank, Lincoln! Of all my covers, I think THE GLADE remains my personal fave 🙂 The trailers sure are great long-term material 🙂

  15. Hi Harmony. It was so much fun stopping by your blog and reading about all of your books. I think that I absolutely must read the Glade when I am caught up a bit on my list. ?

    • Thanks, Sandra! Yep, I’ve never done that before (or seen it), but I thought it would be a nice thing to offer 🙂

  16. Wow- enjoyed a peek into the many faces of Harmony Kent. Love the video book trailers and the huge variety of your work. Need to purchase Finding Katie very soon. As a former foster parent I dealt with the cutting issue. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

  17. Hey, Harmony! I love your post! I read Interludes and really liked it. I have Polish Your Prose and Finding Kate on my kindle, and I’m pretty sure that I also have Elemental Earth on it as well. I look forward to reading all of them eventually. You know how the TBR list goes! 😉 Slices of Soul sounds really good to me as well, so I might just have to add that one as well. Lol! 🙂

    • Lols, Yvette! Looks like I’ve taken over your Kindle! So thrilled you like my books so much, and appreciate you stopping by and supporting me 🙂

  18. Great site! What I like about you, Harmony, is that you refuse to be labeled or categorized! I can’t wait to read your erotic fiction. Enjoy your time in the spotlight!

    • Thanks so much, Linda! So true; I don’t fit into any boxes! My mission in life is to remain unpredictable, lols 🙂

  19. For those of you who are new to Harmony’s marvellous, mad universe, let me tell you that there’s no such thing as a dud Harmony Kent book! 😀 Nope! Not even the serious one – Polish Your Prose! 😉 And her book trailers are all great too!
    You’ve done a lovely job of showcasing your HUGELY varied body of work for us, Harmz – hope you get loads of new fans and great sales on the back of today. <3

    • Thank you so much, Robert. I am overwhelmed with how many folks have stopped by and left me some love today 🙂

    • LMAO!!! Um, yeah, maybe in … another lifetime!!! he he he 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rebbecca 🙂

  20. Hi, Harmony. What a great selection! I, too, am a multi-genre author, so I can appreciate both the drive and the determination that has gone into your work. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks, Staci. Yes, sometimes it seems it would be much easier to be easily categorisable, but that’s just not me, lols 🙂

  21. Wow Harmony! This is also a blast! :D. You have pulled out all the studs. I like the look of your blog. Great outing! I wish you all the success you wish yourself. Congratulations. 🙂

  22. Wow, you really have a diverse collection of books and genres, Harmony. I’ve read two of these so far and enjoyed them both. I positively LOVE the opening line from the section you chose for ELEMENTAL EARTH, LOL.
    Priceless! I still enjoy reading YA fiction when its done well. I’ll have to add Elemental to my reading list!

    • Thanks, Mae. So glad you love my books. I am now writing (at last) the sequel to Elemental Earth … yay! 🙂 … Yep, that line gave me a giggle 🙂

    • Thanks, Renae. It’s all been such a learning curve since first publishing a bit over three years ago 🙂

  23. You are an amazing writer, Harmony. And, your trailers are equally fantastic. Seeing your list of books and mix of genres, evokes awe. Truly incredible. All the best on your Blog Party!!

    • Aww, thank you, Gwen! When I made my first trailer it was such a learning curve, but I discovered a love and artistic talent I never knew I had 🙂 Now, I enjoy making the trailers almost as much as writing!! 🙂

  24. What a great way to start a day. With a party! Some intriguing books here Harmony. I have a couple of them on my kindle and am about to start reading one today. Can’t wait!

    • Yay! I could get used to starting my day with a party, lols! Thank you for grabbing a couple of my books, Lizzie, and I hope they give you hours of entertainment 🙂

  25. Great post, Harmony! You already know I’m a fan of your writing! Loved your trailer for Slices of Soul. I especially loved your choice of music. I hope you get lots of visitors and book sales today!

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! It’s lovely to see you here today. And your kind comments always give me a warm heart and a big smile 🙂

  26. Loved the post, Harmony! I also love your books, Interludes and The Glade. Thanks for hosting day 2 of the block party. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Beth! Thrilled that you loved Interludes and The Glade 🙂 Both my favourites, with Finding Katie a close third, lols. 🙂

  27. Hi Harmony,
    Wow! So prolific – such diverse genres. I was chuckling reading your comments above about your ‘sexy books’ melt the kindle -hellfire sounds like it would explode.
    A while ago I read your editing guide ‘Polish your Prose’ and I highly recommend this to other authors (no matter what level as it contains sage writing advice).
    Best wishes with your Blog party and your future writing projects,

    • Thanks so much, Wendy! Glad you found Polish Your Prose helpful, and I appreciate the recommendation 🙂 Yes, I did have a giggle writing the intro! 🙂

  28. Wow, Harmony! You certainly have me interested with the variety of genres presented. I’ve read all your offering in ‘Rave Soup …’ and look forward to getting familiar with your poetry. Thanks for a truly awesome blog post. All the best for today. 🙂

  29. I enjoyed this visit! You have written so many different types of books that are intriguing. I added a couple to my kindle. This tour has become like going into a book store for me, I just can’t help myself. I loved your humor and post, thanks!

    • Oh wow, thank you! Yes, something tells me I’ll be running away from my growling TBR list before the month is out, lols! 🙂

  30. wow… so many wonderful reads to choose from… thanks for sharing… especially loved your murderous warnings… muahahaha… good luck on all your wordage :p

    • Aww, thanks, Lori! I’m thrilled that you loved Finding Katie. That girl hijacked me until I’d finished writing her tale, lols 🙂

  31. Hi Harmony! Thanks for sharing your awesome blog with us; you have such a wide variety of genres and intriguing storylines! I’m off to explore your site some more. In the meantime, take care, enjoy your time in the spotlight, and have a wonderful week! 🙂 ~Stephanie

    • Thanks, Stephanie! It’s lovely to see you, and I’m glad you’ve found something to intrigue! 🙂

  32. Yayyyyyy, I’m the first one thru the door, Harmz! (thanks for letting me in early)!

    So excited for your stop today and I know you will have loads of visitors, I mean, you do have all the best food here!

    Thanks for leading us into day TWO of our block party! For all Harmz’ visitors, don’t forget to drop by to visit with Christy Nicholas, who is also on tour today. You can find the link to her blog on the RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.wordpress.com site, under the BLOCK PARTY LINE-UP page!


    • You know what they says, Nons: the early bird always gets the worm! lols … hopefully I’ve more on offer than just those little wriggly things!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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