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#MondayMeme – #MondayBlogs

Hilarious Monday Memes from Marcia Meara Writes …   Attention Writers! Words Make a Difference. Sign(s) of the Times! 😀 Source: #MondayMeme – #MondayBlogs

I Know Who You Are

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all doing well this Monday. Today, I have a book review for you. This is from an ARC copy via Netgalley. Gripping 4 Star Read! Thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for this free ARC

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Choosing your Audiobook Voice

As audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment in publishing, I have been researching that market. One thing I realized is that choosing a narrator is probably the most important decision you make w… Source: Choosing your Audiobook Voice

This Week in Indie Publishing

  This week in Indie Publishing from Don Massenzio ..   Want to Turn Your Comic Book Idea Into a Million-Dollar Business? Here’s the First Step Comic books are kind of a big deal these days. Total revenue for the

On Becoming a Writer (Part One)

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today talking (writing) about writing. Is there any other topic? Seriously, I live, breath, and think writing. It’s in my blood. It’s something I must do. I was around te… Source: On Becoming a Writer – Four Related Novellas

I am very excited about the upcoming release of my book, It’s a bit different than your typical novel or short story collection. It is comprised of four related novellas that each … Source: – Four Related Novellas

Writers, are you using Twitter hashtags for engagement?

When it comes to social media, we all have platforms we like and others we tolerate—the latter because we feel a need to be there. Several months ago I abandoned Facebook,  a platform I only tolera… Source: Writers, are you

End of Day by @MaeClair1 #Mystery #BookReview @KensingtonBooks

The book is filled with expressive passages that let the reader immerse themselves in the world Clair has so perfectly created. Source: End of Day by @MaeClair1 #Mystery #BookReview @KensingtonBooks

Free Fonts

In my previous post, I wrote about DIY Book Design; a website that lets you create 3D mockups of your book for free. But that implies you’ve already designed your book cover. And sometimes yo… Source: Free Fonts

This Week in Indie Publishing

New Platform Connects Self-Published Authors With Readers Elaine Pofeldt Contributor It’s not easy to promote a book, and for self-published authors on a tight budget, it can be especially challeng… Source: This Week in Indie Publishing

In Summary… The Synopsis

Ciao! Staci here again. I’m wrapping up my WIP and about to start another. That — plus the fact that more than one person has asked me about this lately — made me think it might b… Source: In Summary…

Book Review: Twisted

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday. I hope you’ve all had a good week and wish you an even better weekend. Today, I’m posting a book review from an ARC read via NetGalley. 2 STARS Thanks to NetGalley and The Orion Publishing

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Stuck in the Middle With You*

A great post on getting stuck in the middle of a book … Reblogged on Source: Stuck in the Middle With You*

Friday Book Share ~ Fav Writing Books

Hey SE Readers. It’s Friday and time for another book share. I usually share a work of fiction (after all this site is about writing fiction), but today I’m going to do something a little different… Source: Friday Book Share

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Time was on my mind this week (as I rushed to make my deadline and feared the ticking clock), so I thought this quote by Henry David Thoreau was appropriate: <!– wp:paragraph {“align”:”center”,”c… Source: Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing

Sisters are Doing It on International Women’s Day

Hello everyone. Today is International Women’s Day, and I am celebrating by taking part in something special. Take five minutes out to relax and listen to Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox while a few female authors come together on video 

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A Free Mockup Book Cover Maker

I recently discovered DIY Book Design (thank you, Krystallia!) and just had to share the news. DIY Book Design has a number of useful tools and tutorials, all aimed at helping you produce the perfe… Source: A Free Mockup Book

The Four Essentials That Will Help You Sell Books On Amazon

You want to sell books on Amazon and other retailers. If you get the four basics right before you self-publish, you will have much more chance of sales success. Source: The Four Essentials That Will Help You Sell Books On

What Exactly Is The First Draft? – From Rachel Poli’s Blog

The first draft is something everyone seems to dread. How do you start? How long will it take? The blank page can really take a toll on you and your creativity. But what exactly is the first draft?… Source: What


Great response to a fiction prompt … Stock Photo Challenge Don Massenzio will post a new stock photo each week on Wednesday morning. You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story, poem or other type

The Pact

From Don Massenzio’s Stock Photo Challenge About to make my third billion, the news came. Terminal cancer. Unacceptable. I set up an urgent meet. Instead of shaking on it, we clinked beer bottles. He’d have as much control as me.

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Expanding on living documents

Hi gang, Craig here again. I’ve written about my living documents here before. You can check out this post from 2016. I’m still a big believer in living documents, but it’s become… Source: Expanding on living documents

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Voyage of the Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack #RBRT #BookReview @Virgilante

The author sent me an ARC of this book (mobi format) in exchange for an honest review (member of Rosie’s Book Review Team). My rating:  :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:  (five stars) Plot (by Goo… Source: Voyage of the Lanternfish


I love a good pirate book—who doesn’t. So when Mr. Boyack, one of my go to authors, wrote one, I knew I had to read it. Boyack didn’t disappoint. Voyage of the Lanternfish had it all, and more. His… Source:

How To Choose Your Fonts And Colours For Book Cover Design

The most important elements of great book cover design are your selection of fonts and colours for your book title. White titles and sans serif fonts work best. Source: How To Choose Your Fonts And Colours For Book Cover Design

How Publishing Works – Flowchart…

Reblogged on Source: How Publishing Works – Flowchart…

How to Grow an Email Newsletter Starting from Zero

Reblogged on Source: How to Grow an Email Newsletter Starting from Zero

Can You Find 27 Figure Of Speech Examples In This Cartoon?

A bit of fun for my last reblog today … 🙂 Here are 27 figure of speech examples in illustrated form. Can you find all of them and use the correct figurative expression? A fun challenge for word lovers. Source:

Occupation Thesaurus Entry: Mail Carrier ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Jobs are as important for our characters as they are for real people. A character’s career might be their dream job or one they’ve chosen due to necessity. In your story, they might be trying to get that job or

February Book Reviews, Part 1

Despite having two DNFs on my reading list this month, I still managed to discover some good books. The DNFs were authors I didn’t know and had not read before. Both titles sounded promising, but a… Source: February Book Reviews,