Month: February 2019

Everything You’re Absolutely Allowed to Get Wrong In a First Draft

Everything You’re Absolutely Allowed to Get Wrong In a First Draft Reblogged on Source: Everything You’re Absolutely Allowed to Get Wrong In a First Draft

Publishers Turn to AI to Predict Success

No one knows anything. William Goldman’s aphorism concerns Hollywood, but it’s also true of book publishing. Who would have guessed that 50 Shades would become a publishing phenomenon? … Source: Publishers Turn to AI to Predict Success

How To Make Dominant Female Characters Like-Able – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

by Lisa Hall-Wilson Many of us love to create female characters who are in charge. They are the boss, the leader, the take-charge and kick ass types who keep everything from the local PTA to a… Source: How To Make Dominant

How to Turn Fans Into Engaged Superfans

Reblogged on Source: How to Turn Fans Into Engaged Superfans

Your Magic Garden

check out my post about walled gardens for fiction over on Story Empire today … Hello SErs. Harmony here. Have any of you heard of a walled garden for fiction? I hadn’t until last year. And once I saw it

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#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

More Monday fun from Marcia’s blog … Ever wonder how Charlie Brown met his lovable beagle, Snoopy? Well check it out! All grown up now, Snoopy has a few writing-related words from the roof of his dog house.  Enjoy! Source:

Book Review ~ End of Day by Mae Clair

Check out this review of a great read … Hi Readers. Some of you have been around for a while and know that I’ve hosted author Mae Clair. Mae is one of those writers that I always look forward to

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Surprise, it’s a case study

Check out this post on using movies to hone your writing craft … Hi Gang. Craig here again, breaking rules left and right. I’m surprising my colleagues today, because I’m supposed to pick apart a book cover. We have assignments

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How often do you unplug? #writinglife

Check out this post on unplugging by Mae Clair over on Story Empire … Hi, SEers. Mae here hoping everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Today, I’m rolling out a topic that’s dear to my heart—unplugging. In our technology-crazed, social

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From Writer to Editor: Two Tips for Better Self-Editing

Check out this useful post on self-editing …   by Liam Cross   Writing and editing, whilst they might be of similar nature, are two totally different beasts, and it’s a lot to do with the thought processes behind them

The Danger Of Dirty Links

I always remove the nasty bit. Just as well … With all the attention given among the Indie community to the removal of book reviews by Amazon, I’m amazed at the number of authors who still post dirty links to

Why Writing Short Stories Helps You – From Rachel Poli’s Blog

A great post on how writing short stories can help you in your writing … I didn’t start to appreciate writing short stories until fairly recently. I always viewed short stories as something “quick and easy” to write. Of course,

Are You Distracted?

A fun post on writing and distraction from Joan Hall over on Story Empire … Hi, SE Readers. Joan here today. I don’t know about you, but I consider myself blessed to live in the twenty-first century. While I enjoy

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#MondaMeme #MondayBlogs

A bit of writerly fun! … Here it is Monday again, and you know what that means–time for some amusing memes about reading & writing. Or readin’ an’ writin’ as we say down here. Hope there are a c… Source:

Musiville: A Teacher’s Tale

Check out this heart-warming post from Nicholas Rossis’ blog … It was my birthday a couple of days ago and I had a lovely surprise: a surprise gift from a Greek reader friend, who teaches children English as a second

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More Challenges Faced by Indie Authors

Check out this interesting post from Don Massenzio’s blog … This is the second in a series of posts centered on the challenges faced by indie authors as we try to compete in the vast ocean of competitors/cohorts that is

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Fast Track Tool for Great Characters | Writers In The Storm

Angela Ackerman shares a tool for taking your story’s cast of characters to the next level. Includes examples and a video! Source: Fast Track Tool for Great Characters | Writers In The Storm

Jewel in the Mud honoured on WikiEzvid

Hello everyone, Happy Monday. I hope this finds you all well. Over the weekend, I received a delightful email telling me that my book has been featured on WikiEzvid’s website as one of 9 thought-provoking books. Here’s the link: I’d

How You Can Grow with Self-Publishing

Check out this helpful post on self-publishing from P.H. Solomon over on Story Empire today … Happy President’s Day to all the Story Empire readers! Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the day if you have time off. Being a

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Gottaread Wottaread today

Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m over on Wottaread today giving an interview that shows you more of the quirky author that I am. If you’d like to pop over to say hello,

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