Month: May 2018

Get the Most Out of Dictation With These Tips

For any writers who’ve thought about saving time writing by dictating, this is the post for you! πŸ™‚   Hello to all the story Empire readers. I hope everyone had a good Memorial day weekend. For those of us not

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Whatchagot Stew

Check out this great post from Craig Boyack over on Story Empire from yesterday (I’m late posting!) … clever stuff …   Happy Memorial Day all the SEers in the USA, and welcome to everyone else out there too. Many

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Friday Book Cover ~ Old and New

Joan Hall gives us an interesting comparison between three book covers today over on Story Empire … Old versus Modern …   Hello SE Readers! As a reader, a good cover is often the first thing that draws me to

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Confessions of a (soon to be) Reformed Pantser

Check out this entertaining post from Mae Clair over on Story Empire today … are you a plotter or pantser? Do your characters ever hijack you? Hello, SEers! Mae here today with an overdue confession. Perhaps I should explain how

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Pretty Yakky Stuff!

Hi everyone! Today I have guest author Craig Boyack telling us all about his latest book The Yak Guy Project. Just from the cover, I can say it looks like a lot of fun! Take it away Craig … Thanks

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The Alternative … What would you do?

Hi everyone! Today,it gives me great pleasure to welcome author Suzanne Burke with her latest book, The Alternative! Take it away, Suzanne … πŸ™‚ Hello, and welcome to the Cover Reveal of my New Thriller Anthology “The Alternative” The Alternative

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What Hinders Your Creativity?

A great post from author Joan Hall over on Story Empire today … Hello SE Readers! Or should I say hello creatives? That’s right; whether you’re an artist, a musician, or a writer, you are creative. You create pictures, music,

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Plants and Payoffs

A great post on writing plants and payoffs by Craig Boyack over on Story Empire today … Craig with you today. My topic is going to be those plants and payoffs we use when writing our stories. This is one

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Don’t Do This, Ever: Faleena Hopkins Cocks The Whole Entire Fuck Up

One of those posts you DON’T want to see first thing in the morning … all authors, you need to read this! OMG, what next??? Thanks to Jenny Trout of jennytrout.comΒ for posting about this.   Source: Don’t Do This, Ever:

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How to Get Your Dragon to Behave in Scrivener

An informative post on dictating with Dragon and Scrivener from P H Solomon over on Story Empire today … Happy Monday to all the Story Empire readers. It’s so good to be back with all of you once again to

Friday Fiction: A Helping Hand

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while. I’ve been off enjoying the Mediterranean instead, lols. Now I’m back, watch this space! πŸ™‚ Over on Story Empire today, Craig Boyack has come up with an awesome fiction prompt

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