Month: February 2018

An informative post from Staci Troilo on Story Empire about word count and genre …. How Do I Write Thee? Let Me Count the Words.

via How Do I Write Thee? Let Me Count the Words.

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Hello everyone! Today makes day fourteen of writing Backstage, and I’ve managed 6,000 words! Yes, you did just read that correctly … that’s SIX THOUSAND words! Wowzers 🙂 And on a workday too. That brings my fourteen-day total to 47,916.

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A Big Thanks To Our Readers

Story Empire, a blog I write with five other authors, has been named in the Top 50 Writing Blogs! Check it out here … 🙂   Good morning, SE Readers. Joan here today with an extra post this week. Back


Hello everyone! Happy Monday 🙂 Today makes my thirteenth day of writing Backstage.  As well as working, I have managed 4,200 words … bringing my overall total to a staggering 41,886 words! 🙂 Here is a ‘sneek peek’ for you

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How Many Accounts is Too Many? #SocialMedia #MondayBlogs

An interesting post on how much Social Media is too much from Mae Clair over on Story Empire today …   Happy Monday, SEers!  It’s a new week and a new subject. Lately, friends, family, and I have been discussing


Hello everyone! Another productive day here despite this cold (virus and weather, lols).  I started on an editing project today and completed 10% of that.  Also, I designed a twitter banner for Backstage …   And, I’ve written another 2000

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Friday Book Cover: A few tricks

An informative post on book covers and the rules of art by C.S. Boyack over on Story Empire…   Hi gang, Craig here once more. Toward the end of last year we adopted a group of alternating topics for Story

The Glade by Harmony Kent #bookreview #horror #thriller

A wonderful review of my book The Glade from reader and author Teri Polen! Check it out … This gripping, edge-of-your-seat mystery/thriller will have you thinking twice about booking that idyllic cottage in the country. Nothing in this woodland paradise


Hi everyone. Today makes day 11 of my days writing. I have written 2200 words today, and that brings my total to 35,638. Am full of cold, again, today an am clocking off a little early. I can’t believe how

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A fun post on observing and writing from author Joan Hall over on Story Empire …   Hello SE Readers. This post is going to sound like I’m rambling but bear with me. I do have a purpose for it,

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Hello everyone! Today is day ten of writing my latest novel BACKSTAGE. Here’s an interesting thing: I finished day nine on 29,433 words, and I’ve just stopped writing and checked the count: 33,433! Bang on 4,000 words without even trying

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Hello everyone. Today is day nine of my writing spree. I’ve found it harder to knuckle down today, and it’s been slower going.  Still, I’ve managed another 1195 words, bringing my overall total to 29,433.  Here’s another ‘sneek peek’ for

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If you’re an author using a pen name, you need to read this.

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Today, I am posting about a serious issue that I have experienced recently. Some of you might have noticed that I no longer have any presence on Facebook. That little corner of social media that I

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Me again! Today marks my eighth day of writing, and I’ve produced 2,800 words, making my overall total 28,238! I plan on taking the weekend off, but who knows what inspiration might strike?!? To close up the week, here’s another

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Friday Writing Question

Over on Story Empire, Author Joan Hall asks: How to you manage to find the balance between writing, a home life, social media, and (if applicable) holding a full-time or part-time job?   Hi SE Readers! We’ve almost made it


This makes my 7th day of writing, and I have managed another 2,500 words, bringing the total to 25,401. Feedback on the book cover that I revealed yesterday has been awesome. Thanks so much everyone for all your support and

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Hey, everyone! Well, it’s my sixth day of writing, and I have another 2,750 words written. That’s 22,858 in six days of writing! Phew! Today, instead of giving you an excerpt, I’m going to do the big reveal on the

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The hero’s journey, and the real world

A fun and entertaining post from Craig Boyack over on Story Empire today. Had me laughing my socks off right from the start …   Hey all, happy Valentine’s Day and all that goes with it. Craig here today, and


My fifth day of writing and 3,600 words written. That’s 20,100 so far! 🙂 The last three days ended up being non-writing days, and I’m so pleased to have managed to get some good writing time in today despite interruptions.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: #Romance for #ValentinesDay

Check out some awesome Romance books this valentine’s day….   Ciao, friends. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to throw my hat in the proverbial romance ring (I’ve heard somewhere that love is a battlefield) and remind everyone about

Off the Beaten Path & How to Get There

Great post on getting off the beaten path when it comes to publicising your books, etc. ….   “Off the beaten path” is an interesting turn of phrase. It implies traveling in ways that are uncommon or discovery of little-known


My fourth day of writing, and … wait for it … 5,200 words written!!! Epic 🙂 That’s 16,400 words written in four days of writing. I’m on a roll. Okay, here is another excerpt for you … Emma sat there

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February Friday Book Share

Hi to all the Story Empire readers! Our second Friday of each month is dedicated to a book one of use shares with a bit of reasoning behind the choice. This is a very subjective process but one whi… Source:


My third day of writing and another 2,500 words written. That’s 11,000 in total! I missed yesterday due to being at the hospital for iron infusions. That left me with a nasty headache this morning, so I’ve had a slower

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The Middle Child #WritingaSeries

A great post on the similarities between a middle child and the writing the middle book in a series, from Mae Clair over on Story Empire. Do check it out … If you’re a middle child, you’re most likely the


My second day of writing and another 4,000 words completed! That’s 8,500 in total 🙂 Here’s another excerpt …   Emma had just put the lid back on the lippy when a knock sounded at the door, muffled by all

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So, I’m writing again. And the character has totally come alive (yay!). Already this afternoon–over about 4 hours–I’ve written 4,500 words! Here’s an excerpt for you … ‘The blackness that surrounded her hid anyone who might sit watching. Only the

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Merit in Older Works

An interesting post from Staci Troilo over on Story Empire today. How can old movies help us in our modern-day writing? … Ciao, SEers. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of movies are being remade and television shows are being brought

The Rain Falls-Story Empire Friday Fiction Prompt

Hello everyone! Today, I am posting a piece of short fiction from a video fiction prompt over on Story Empire. Check out the post HERE. This is the video on which I’ve based my story. And here is my little

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